Bone meal from grass fed cows – the BEST plant food ever

If plants are your thing then you know about bone meal. If plants are your thing and you don’t know about bone meal then your life is about to become happier as your plants will be happier.

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We are now selling our grass fed beef bone meal.
We are in the process of getting it registered at the Department of Agriculture.
The bone meal made from the bones of our grass fed cattle.
After deboning and using the meat, we cook them to make bone broth, get the pigs to clean them up and then crush them in the hammer mill and then sieve them.
Wholesale prices are as follows.
2kg R41.50 – this is the total price for a 2kg bag
5kg R79
10kg R142
20kg R218
If you want to order from us then please email us here.
9 March 2022

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