The crimes of the environmental movement.

There are local and there are global crimes committed by smart people who you would think would be working on solutions that actually improve the environment which they claim to be helping.

For the sake of brevity I will focus on 3 crimes. One local and the others global.

Crime 1. The destruction of the Okavango Delta and the Kruger Park because these people have chosen an animal (the elephant) over an ecosystem.

Crime 2. Support for the vegan movement which is an ecological disaster.

Crime 3. Not holding the world’s biggest polluter to account, as Abby Martin is now doing.

  1. The elephant in the room. It is impossible whilst being in either the Delta or the Kruger Park to be unaware of the destruction wreaked by these giants. Their numbers used to be controlled but the environmental and animal rights activists have stopped this. (There is a mothballed elephant processing plant near Skukuza in the Kruger).

The last time I was in the Kruger the guides there estimated that there were 11,000 elephants too many. Now imagine our leaders decided that the Kruger Park was worth saving and then started culling and processing the elephants and then feed the poor elephant meat as opposed to the “food” that they allow to be sold to the poor. Organic meat without the plethora of chemicals that they get in their “food”. All the bones cooked for bone broth. The ivory generating foreign exchange…and the ecosystem being in balance.

The last time I was in the Delta the Motswana guide I spoke to estimated that 65% of the big trees in the Delta had been removed by elephant. In the week that we were there we did not see a single tree that had not been damaged by elephants. They apparently have 100,000 too many elephants in Botswana.

2. Vegan plant based propaganda. The fact that mainstream media has upped the war on meat is not surprising considering their obedience to their corporate overlords but that environmentalists are in support of this shows that they know nothing about farming. In the vegan utopia there are no animals and so there will be even more use of artificial fertilisers which cause more methane emissions than anything else. Read this Cornell University study. It is sad that the vegan movement which cares about animals has been hijacked by big food and is now contributing to environmental destruction. You can see more on this in my TEDx talk on the case for regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture and conservation are pages out of the same book whereas conventional agriculture is an environmental disaster.

3. Abby Martin is a rarity in the world of journalism. She actually gets onto the ground where she reports from. It is amazing that it has to be her to shine the light on the world’s greatest polluter and not the environmental movement. She needs support for this film on the US military called Earth’s Greatest Enemy.


1 October 2021




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  1. You need to look up Alan Savory and the Savory Institute. He ordered the culling of 40,000 elephants and it was a disaster. The land didn’t recover but instead became a barren wasteland. Veganism will kill the planet in the end.

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