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Knowing your food
can change things.

Thank you for wanting to get the real story about our meat and burgers. You’ll find that the facts about our grass-fed burgers will make them taste even better.

Get the facts...

Grass-fed burgers
for life!

Farmer Angus produces grass-fed burgers that taste better and don’t harm you. Grain-fed meat is tasteless, often packed with hormones and is inflammatory by nature. This is because the animal’s digestive system is violated by the grain-fats they're forced to metabolise, throwing the Omega 6 and Omega 3 ratio out of balance. Grass-fed beef has up to five times the amount of healthy Omega 3s. Our burgers, as a part of a balanced diet, can help heal you – there are no carcinogens and because they’re grass-fed they’re nutrient rich!

There's more...

regenerative farming,
support the earth.

On the Spier Farm where we farm, we only use regenerative farming practices to renew, and not destroy, our land. The cattle eat the best grass and don't return to that patch for at least 6 weeks. This practice improves the soil, making it healthier and able to absorb more carbon – which is flippin’ amazing.

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Don't stop now...

we freeze
our burgers
to preserve
your life.

We will never use harmful preservatives or spices in our burgers. They taste great without that "stuff" and we don’t want to harm you. That’s why you’ll find our burgers in the frozen section. Just defrost them in the fridge overnight and you’ve got the best burgers in the world.

If you’re still not sure, ask these guys...

our meat is prized
by the best.

Whether it’s world-class restaurants or Justin Bonello who orders our meat, the guys who know meat love Farmer Angus burgers. And what’s crazy, our grass-fed burgers work out to be on average about R149 per kg while our competitors' grain-fed beef is above R166 per kg when not on promotion. If that doesn’t convince you, nothing will!

“think they’re great. keep the moisture. keep the texture. the flavour is great.”

- Justin Bonello

"These burger patties make my job easy. They are consistently great quality. Nothing extra needs to be added. They are delicious and perfectly seasoned."

- Chef PJ Vadas

"If you care about where you beef comes from and what it’s been fed then these Farmer Angus burger patties are for you. Ethically reared, grass fed ,hormone free beef. With a flavour like no other."

- Chef Phil Carmichael

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