We believe in nature’s power
to sustain healthy life
for people, animals and plants.

We passionately protect…

the fine balance between how we draw from and tend to the earth
the healthy pastures where our animals roam
the rewilded areas that are not used for farming
our animal rotation methods that give the vegetation time to recover and naturally fertilize the soil with essential nutrients
the health of our animals and integrity of our products: we don’t use hormones, routine antibiotics, glyphosate, or artificial preservatives anywhere
the whole farm community, especially its workers, by empowering them with ownership of the businesses so that we all share in the success of our collective work
food production methods that are regenerative rather than destructive
What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is farming in a way that enhances and strengthens the natural environment, as opposed to modern, conventional agriculture, which is degrading and destructive. It focuses on improving soil health by moving carbon from our atmosphere back into the earth using agricultural practices that align with natural systems.

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