Your dogs have never had it this good

We have plenty of products that will keep your hounds in supreme condition. We have 4 at home and they are bouncy and have shiny coats all year round. I feed them a mixture of these products.

Starting top and going clockwise. Hydrolyzed bovine collagen, beef and chicken bone broth, pets mince, dried liver treats and then in the middle dried beef heart and tongue.

Our collagen is the only product not actually from the farm. We import it from Brazil. We recently remembered a history lesson and now we add Vitamin C to it. I spread a tablespoon of it over the dog’s food when we feed them once a day. It is 98% protein, it contains 8/9 essential amino acids and 10/12 non essentials. Amino acids are the building blocks of the body.

All the bones of our animals become broth. We make a chicken, a beef and a pork broth. You can read all about our broth here. Suffice to say it cooks for 44 hours at 85 Celsius which ensures that the long chain proteins stay in tact. It is the most nutritious product that comes from our farm.

Our pet’s mince is sold in 500 gram sachets. It is frozen. It consists of the red offal of our cattle. Our dogs eat this every day.

Dried liver treats say it all. This is definitely the favourite of all our dogs. When you eat it don’t be alarmed when it sticks to your molars for at least 10 minutes after eating.

In the big bottle are our bone shaped dried beef hearts and tongues with a little salt and some psyllium husk to bind them without gluten. Almost as popular as the dried liver. A close up below.

The best way to order these is via email here as not all our clients stock these and most pet shops we have dealt with are terrible payers.

Thanks for supporting our regenerative agriculture project.


24 January 2020

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  1. Hello 😃

    I would love to purchase your pet products. Where can I do this?

    Many thanks (love your beef salami by the way!! Thank you for making salami without pork 🤗)

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