A big friend – Danie Slabbert – Regenerative agriculture champion

Big Danie farms near Reitz in the Free State and he is going against the family grain and most of his neighbours by farming regeneratively. I met him via grazing guru Johann Zietsman whose very informative website is here.

There is a great video on CNN and article here about Danie.

He thinks he is Moses walking around with that staff but he parts cattle and not water.

The picture above is a great example of high density grazing on Danie’s farm. The cattle have heavily grazed the area to the left of the portable electric fence (white wire) and they have not grazed the lush green grass to the right. They will be moved soon and only return to the area on the left after about 6 weeks by which time the grass will have recovered like that on the right. This is the cornerstone of regenerative agriculture.


17 March 2020

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