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One of our best friends is orthopaedic surgeon Dr Matt Durrans.

I have know Matt since he studied with my brother (the only man you need to go to if you need a nose job)

Over the years he has been amazing at helping our family with various orthopaedic ailments. He also supports our regenerative agriculture product by buying our nutrient dense meat and eggs for his family.

He is a partner in this practice

My latest interaction with Matt was last week and it was so good that I had to write about it. The professionalism of his team and those at the Cape Gate Mediclinic was really impressive. It was a 1st world experience.

3 months ago I dropped glass bowl and a splinter went into the side of my foot. It transpired that I had cut my peroneal tendon.

The above is once they have opened up my ankle and below is the repair prior to closing the skin.

If you are lucky to live near Cape Town then you need look no further than Matt.

As for me I will be back on the mat choking the mofos in due course, stronger than before as I am drinking our bone broth twice a day and adding some extra collagen to it.


24 January 2020

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