Next level nose to tail eating

Please note that this was discontinued. We only sold 21 of these boxes. Updated by Angus. 28 September 2023.


Eating only steak is an exercise in waste. Around 12% of the beef carcass is steak. I wrote this piece 5 years ago about the wastefulness of fillet eaters.

On Friday we launched a product that takes care of this waste. You can now buy a representation of a whole animal in a box. What I mean by this is that in the box are products in proportion to where they come from in the animal. For example in the box is 2 kgs/litres of bone broth as bones are just over 20% of the carcass.

On the side of each box is marked what is inside. The choices are between the 100 gram and 200 gram patties and if you don’t have pets to feed them the mince that we make from the red offal then you get to swop that for an extra 1kg/litre of bone broth.

You can’t choose what steak you are going to get either.

As with all our beef products none of the above ingredients are in there. All our spices are non irradiated too.

Orders via the SHOP NOW tab at the top of the website or at your local good food club.

To see what you can order please click here 20200302 BEEF IN A BOX РNOSE TO TAIL

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16 March 2020

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