The wastefulness of filet eaters.


At least twice a week I have a request to supply a client with rump, filet and sirloin (only 7% of a beef carcass). That is all that chefs want. 80% of the reason is because their patrons want those cuts and 20% because they were never taught at chef school how to use the other 93%.

To illustrate the title lets assume a function for 240 people with filet as part of the main course.

To get enough filet to supply this function you will have to kill 20 animals with a carcass weight of 250kgs. This is 5,000 kgs of meat and bones. 60kgs of that is filet. This leaves 4,940 kgs wasted.

In addition that filet will come out of a feedlot where the animal is fed grains (it is a herbivore not a grainivore or rather a ruminant (with 4 stomachs) and not a monogastric (with 1 stomach)) with side dishes of growth hormones and antibiotics. Dessert is asthma drugs. Not only is that meat nutritionally inferior to grass fed beef on every conceivable metric it also contributes to global warming and environmental pollution whereas my beef reverses global warming (click on green) and the manure is recycled into the pastures.


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