Food produced in violence begets violence.


There are many very well explained reasons for the upsurge in violence in this already violent country.

One that has not been properly explored is referred to in the title.

We are the only country in the world where the staple diet is GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). The way the seed is modified is through violence, the way it is farmed is through violence and the way that “food’ is prepared to end up on the supermarket shelf is through violence.

In addition to the violence in the food it is also micronutrient deficient. All GMO food contains glyphosate (the active ingredient in the herbicide, Roundup). Human breast milk now also contains glyphosate. So does all bread tested in the shops in this country. Glyphosate chelates minerals (holds on to them, making them unavailable), especially Zinc, Manganese and Iron. Click on the mineral to understand it’s role in the human body.

Then just when you thought it could not get worse the WHO has just labelled glyphosate as a carcinogen.

Insertion of the genes is done violently, glyphosate and artificial fertilisers kill the soil microbes and then the food is heated, beated, treated, pastuerised, homogenised ensuring that any nutritional benefit that might have been there is lost.

The food we imbibe is essentially manifested energy. Before you roll your eyes and close the browser understand that photosynthesis, from which all plant matter appears, is an energetic process whereby non matter becomes matter. We either eat the plant or the animal that ate the plant. Hence imbibing the energy with which that plant was grown. BioDynamic agriculture and to a lesser degree organic agriculture seeks to grow non violent food that is grown in complete harmony with the complex called nature.

I also encourage you to do this experiment at home. We did it last month.

Take two plates. Place come cotton pads onto the plate. Put some seeds in each. Wet the cotton pads. Place the seeds in the same room at least 3 metres apart. Then focus hate, violence etc on one plate and then go to the other and focus love, hope, joy etc on that one. Do this a few times daily over two weeks and observe what happens.

love v hate, spelt grain

It is clear from the photo above, taken in our home, that the love plant grew and the hate one did not.

If you want to understand more about how your thoughts, sounds and words influence matter then read up about the work that Masaru Emoto did.

A last anecdote. I was talking to my Zulu staff about them killing foreigners (Zulu was the first language I learnt to speak). I asked why. What happened then I have seen many times. A look of faraway determination sets into the eyes, the jaw tightens, the nostrils flare somewhat and then in a deeper than normal voice pronounce that it is so because their King ordained it. Then I start asking them if their King meant killing his sixth wife and the mother of our President’s son, both of whom are foreigners. At that stage deflation happened, the shoulders shrug, the eyes drop and they call upon that ubiquitous Zulu troublemaker, Angazi.

Angus, not to be confused with Angazi.

21 April 2015

P.S margarine is made in an explosion proof factory

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