5 reasons for BioDynamic agriculture.

People who can distill complex ideas into language that lesser mortals can understand are rare.

Monty Waldin is one of them. He has a great website which is here.

The full article is on his website but I have taken his five points and listed them below.

1) Biodynamics teaches farmers to be more self-reliant, minimising potentially harmful inputs like man-made sprays, saving money and making for safer farms and communities

2) Biodynamics emphasises real self-sufficiency, creating food/wine which tastes of a unique sense of place because Biodynamic farmers have to put more in to the land than they take out

3) Biodynamics re-connects our farms, our farmers, our food and thus us to the kind of seasonal cycles and natural rhythms that our 24-hour culture tends to over-ride

4) Biodynamics is the only farming system which sets out explicitly to produce food which stimulates both body and soul, vital for sentient beings like us

5) Biodynamic techniques like composting, making herb/mineral teas, and working to celestial cycles are cheap, safe, common-sensical and easily applicable to any farm, field or back garden. Biodynamics is not patented, and so is thus available to everyone. Biodynamics can be learnt quickly and universally: by kids, pensioners and everyone in-between. Biodynamics is a think-local farming system that is cost-effective, produces high quality food, is inherently sustainable, and works.


25 May 2015

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