Eggs are mislabelled. This is something you can change.


96% of the hens in this country “live” in cages where they produce their eggs. The poultry industry is fighting an amendment in parliament that would label these eggs as caged.


You can do one of two things.

First, email Ms. Matlou Setati (the official responsible) here. Full details about her role are in this great information pack. She needs to get your email before the close of business tomorrow.

Second, you can attend a public hearing in Stellenbosch. Tomorrow, the 31st of March, at the Stellenbosch Quarantine Station of the DAFF. It is at 9am. The phone no is 021 809 0231 and the Google Map link is here 

Although this would be a great improvement in transparency there is another egg related mislabelling. I am referring to the other con that the egg industry and the nationwide retailers are pulling on consumers, namely free range eggs. These are not free range in anyone’s definition of the word. Labelling these as barn raised, which they are, is also part of the amendment. More details on this issue here.


30 March 2015


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