On radio I was called a lofty idealist.

It is of all the insults that I have received, the one I am happiest about.

It took place yesterday morning on Cape Talk with Lester Kiewit. You can click here to listen. I start speaking at 11.45. It was a discussion around the boat that docked and stunk out Cape Town last week with 19,000 cattle on board.

Fortunately Lester gave me a chance to have the last word. I talked about how South Africa could be fed regeneratively. I wrote this blog on the subject a few years ago. It is possible but not probable that we could be fed regeneratively.

Furthermore if we embraced regenerative agriculture we could be 2.83 times net zero if that is the existential threat that the media would like us to believe. You can read about this here.


29 February 2024.

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