7,101 tonnes of CO2 sequestered on our farm since 2017

You can directly influence climate change by choosing what you eat.

Ecologically things just keep getting better on our farm. The most comprehensive measure of whether you are farming regeneratively or destructively (there is no middle ground in farming) is what is happening to the carbon in your soils.

You can buy some or all of these carbon credits here.

Carbon is the scaffolding of life and when this increases in your soil, as we have just proved again, then the virtuous circle of life is in tact and nothing stands in the way of the fecundity of nature.

Click here to read the audit report from The Green House

20036 – Spier Mob Grazing audit report DRAFT-2

Back in 2014 we were the first farm in the world to be paid carbon credits for increasing the carbon contents in the pastures where our cattle graze.

There is no operation producing vegan or vegetarian food that is carbon negative. It is physically impossible for vegan agriculture to be carbon negative or regenerative (without animals to produce manure for the compost to grow vegan/vegetarian crops artificial NPK fertilisers need to be used. Cornell University and the EDF showed that US fertiliser plants emit 3x more methane than all other industries in the USA combined. Methane has 24x the global warming potential of CO2).

An enormous thanks to our clients for supporting our regenerative farming operation as thanks to you we are able to have lots of animals rotationally grazing on our farm.

Please encourage anyone interested in buying carbon credits to click here as 50% of the net income from these credits goes to my staff.


15 October 2020

2 Responses

  1. But where does the NPK in animal manure come from, if not from the plants they eat, Angus? I can see that manure may concentrate these elements – but I’m puzzled at your assertion that they cannot be supplied other than by manure? (Trying to understand, not arguing.)

    1. Hello David

      If you do analysis on compost made from animal manure and various animal manures you will see that they all contain not only N but many other minerals and plant foods.


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