Whisked eggs. Your easiest omelettes and scrambled eggs.

When laying hens come into lay (which our Eggmobile inhabiting hens do every 16 weeks – click here and here for some videos of these hens in action) they start by laying small eggs called pullet eggs. We have not found a market for these eggs and so instead of feeding them to our pigs we break them into a bowl, whisk, sieve and then pour into a 1 litre container. These are immediately frozen.

You might wonder why the eggs are so golden. It is not because we add more yolk colourant. In fact we don’t add any yolk colourant because our hens dont live in cages (96% of South Africa’s laying hens do) and so their diet is not deficient. Their diet is very rich in beta carotene and chlorophyll from the fresh pasture that they get moved to every single day of the year.

We have opensourced all the information that we can on our outdoor egg operation. Click here for information regarding business model, Eggmobile drawings, FAQ etc.

Finally please note that we never use the term free range as we are not interested in being privy to consumer fraud and environmental damage.


22 October 2019

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