Our beef is no longer for sale off the farm.

For many reasons, detailed below, we have come to this sad day. We started producing beef in our on-farm butchery almost 8 years ago.

This is the last week that we will be selling our beef in shops and restaurants that are not on the Spier Wine Estate.

Our beef will be available at the Spier Hotel, the Spier Farm Café, Vadas Barbeque and Bakery and on the Spier online shop at www.spier.co.za

The main culprit is Eskom. Our costs of providing electricity have exactly doubled over the last 2 months. We simply cannot afford to run the coldrooms and freezers required to have an extensive beef operation. Furthermore, due to loadshedding or rather load$hitting, electronic equipment all around the butchery is breaking and these unbudgeted costs are running into the 10s of thousands per month.

Another reason is fuel costs which have driven both to and from the farm costs up to prohibitive levels.

Third, the price of beef has gone up more than we could increase our already high-end prices.

Fourth, packaging prices have gone up an average of 28% on the 1st of October.

Our bone broth, collagen, charcuterie and eggs businesses continue as they are.

Thank you for your support.

Angus and Wikus

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