My experience with live vaccines revisited. Aborted human fetal cells.

When I read this article this week about the use of aborted human fetal cells being used in the MMR vaccine I went back to September 2016 when I wrote the article below for Longevity Magazine. Everything I wrote in that article remains the same except that the recommended vaccines per child up to the age of 18 in the US is now 59 and not 46.

This is not a column claiming that you should or should not vaccinate your children or yourself. I want to ask why vaccines are such a controversial subject and relate one of my farming experiences with a live vaccine.

The worst year of my farming career was in 2014 when I lost 11% of my cattle herd to BVD related diseases. The best way to understand BVD is that it is almost like HIV for cattle. It weakens the immune system which then makes the cattle susceptible to bacterial infections that they normally have no problem with. When it became clear that I had a BVD problem my vet suggested that I inject the entire herd with the live vaccine and that this was 100% guaranteed to work. I did that but my cattle kept dying.

Fortunately I connected with a holistic veterinary practitioner, Norman Pearson based in Barrydale, whose view on BVD was to test each animal to see if it is a carrier or not. To do this you cut off a small piece of the ear  and send it off to a laboratory in Pretoria. It was only after culling the BVD carriers that our herd health started to improve.

Two careers before farming I used to work for Goldman Sachs. I was stockbroking, selling equities to use the correct term, for them out of their London office. For the first few years I sold European equities but I was then moved to the US desk and before being allowed to speak to clients I went to New York to go and meet the analysts who understood the companies much better than us salesmen.

The one visit I will never forget is the time I spent with the pharmaceutical analysts. You only buy stocks of a company if there is a growth story. The common theme amongst all the companies was that the growth for all of them was going to be in vaccines. They seem to have had their plans come true as in 1983 the average US child received 10 vaccines. This rose to 36 vaccines by 2008 and 46 by 2013.

The correlation coefficient with the increase in autism is striking. In 1983, 1 in 10,000 kids were diagnosed autistic. This has risen to 1 in 150 by 2008 and 1 in 88 by 2013.

Concomitant with the increase in vaccines sold is the hysteria the medical profession gets into whenever the efficacy or side effects of vaccines are questioned. This is understandable as it is very hard to criticise something when your paycheck depends on it.

The states in the US that have legalised medical marijuana have had prescription painkiller deaths decrease by 25%. This loss of income is one of the reasons the pharmaceutical industry is so against it’s legalisation in this country.

The father of modern medicine, Hippokrates, said let your food be your medicine. This is something all readers of this magazine can do by finding regenerative farmers. Regenerative agriculture produces nutrient dense food, creates employment and heals the earth.


10 November 2019

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  1. My father, born 1929, was the first in our family to die of cancer. He was also the first generation of our family to be vaccinated. 2+2=…

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