Moving the cattle mob on the summer solstice December 2015


Every day, twice a day we move our cattle herd. I filmed a move with the GoPro on the winter solstice. The video below was filmed just before Christmas. As per usual it is unedited. I am even more excited than usual so you might need to email me so that I can explain some of the things I am referring to.

The tablet is being held by Jacques, who owns a range of pet shops and we will be supplying various items to him from our butchery. We are developing a mob grazing app with the IT wizards from Polymorph which we plan to make available to fellow high density graziers in 2016.

The king I am referring to is Boerseun Jeremiah, a 5 year old Limousin bull. This is my breed of choice as the dressing out % of the breed is the highest. This is the carcass as a % of the live weight. Also by the time they are fat enough to slaughter the carcasses weighs 460kgs (like the one in the photo below), as opposed to the typical 260kg carcass which makes the butchery (which I do in this video and this video) a pleasure. It also takes me equally long to debone a Nguni (small) or Limousin (big) carcass and so the income is larger for the same expense.

You are welcome to come and view these daily moves every day at 11.30am and 4pm.

Mawethu, Julius and Prosper relieved that the hindquarter only weighed 110kgs and not 120 like the forequarter which they all three manhandled into the coldroom where it will mature at 0.3 Celsius for 14 days before we touch it with a knife.



27 December 2015

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