The bullying tactics of the feedlot/grain fed beef industry.

Dear Reader

I have been threatened with legal action by SA Feedlot. They represent the grain fed beef industry. You can only feed cattle grain in a feedlot.

They know that on every conceivable metric grass fed beef beats grain fed beef. Whether it be nutritional value to the human eating it, the environmental impact, carbon sequestration versus contributing to global warming, treatment of the animals etc etc. So rather than engage on the subject and keep most beef eaters ignorant they resort to smothering tactics.

If you are interested please read their letter to me below and below that the measured response from my attorney.

I look forward to debating this with supporters of grain fed confinement cattle finishing.

Thank you.

SA feedlot letter to me 6 June 2012
VLCB response 15 June 2012



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  1. My spouse and I stumbled over here from a different web address and thought I might check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to checking out your web page repeatedly.

  2. Angus should be allowed to express his views freely according to “free speech”, obviously if it is based on fact. This seems like bullying tactics from SA Feed Lot , perhaps they are afraid of the truth coming out. There is no question that grass fed is better than grain fed in all aspects, environmentally, nutritionally, taste to mention a few. Perhaps the board of SA Feed Lot should visit Farmer Angus and learn a thing or two and taste the product, before they write big letters. Ridiculous, go Angus we support clean food produced ethically. That is what an ever growing number of ‘awakened’ consumers demand in this country.

  3. Dear Trevor

    Your comment made a very important point : freedom of speech is a given but only when BASED ON FACTS . Unbfortunately the opinions Angus is giving as facts are incorrect . I have phoned him previously to explain this to him but to no avail . The Feedlot Association is definately not bullying Angus but rather trying to get the truth out .

    Your statement that grass fed beef is nutritionally and environmentally better than grainfed beef is once again a baseless statement . There is no peer reviewed scientific studies which supports your view . To the contrary there are many studies ( one did by the British Health Council ) that indicate there is no difference between organically and commercially produced food . That grass fed beef tastes better to you is fine . Grainfed beef may taste better to someone else .


    Willem Wethmar
    Chalmar Beef

  4. Dear Angus

    When reading your blog a quote from Churchill comes to mind ” I admire the way you work with facts , you stand no nonsense from them ” .



    1. Dear Willem (Factory Farmer) Wethmar

      What specifically are you referring to?

      Angus (Natural, Organic and Biodynamic Farmer) McIntosh

  5. That fact and fiction seem to intertwine effortlesly throughout your blog to serve only one master .

    If you need futher explanation please let me know .

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