Our Products


Our chickens sleep and lay their eggs in Eggmobiles, their custom-made travelling henhouses. Every morning the girls head out to roam around as they please on our pastures. While they forage across a different pasture every day, they spread fertility out of their back ends as they go on their merry, feathery way. 


Grass-fed beef is mmmoooooooch tastier and healthier, particularly considering the important balance of omega 3 to 6 fatty acids. Since 2014 we have only given three members of our herd antibiotics. Our cattle are never given growth hormones. Everything they eat is free of glyphosate. 


Our pigs dine on the very tasty food waste from the Spier Wine Farm restaurants, as well as waste from a local supermarket, vegetable wholesaler, and ice cream factory. (And yes, like you and I, they all scream for ice cream.) In fact, our oinkers have helped a Pick n Pay store in Stellenbosch become the first zero-waste grocery shop in South Africa! 


Native to the Western and Northern Cape regions, we don’t give our rooibos anything other than our admiration and gratitude. These hardy shrubs are fed only by the region’s winter rains. 

This is a new product and it is currently for sale only on the farm where it was grown, in the Spier shop.