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SA feedlot letter to me 6 June 2012

SA feedlot letter to me 6 June 2012


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    Hi Angus

    You’re on the right track with your grass-fed vs grain-fed criticism. It actually goes much further and is much more worrying from a health-perspective that many realise. Grain-fed meat is much higher omega-6 fatty acids which are now firmly linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. A dietary intake of more than 3:1 of omega-6 to omega-3 leads to an inflammatory response in the whole body which results in the development of the above diseases of lifestyle. Omega-6 is the main causes of cardiovascular mortality (not saturated fat or cholesterol). Grass-fed beef has a ratio of 1:1 omega-6:omega-3 where grain-fed feedlot beef as well as grain-fed chicken have a ratio of >8:1. The addition of soy meal (soja koek) to the animals diet exacerbates this even further. If you are interested I can send relevant scientific peer-reviewed publications to you.



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      Dear Annadie

      Thanks for your comments. Tim Noakes was also explaining the points around Omega 3 and 6.

      If you could email me the research you refer to it would be very much appreciated.


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    Dear Kind Sir
    I am very worried about the state of the rapidly declining health of the average South African Citizen.
    Please can you inform me what the grains are that the non free range beef is bed. Funny not so funny that the Feed Lot info repeats the words grains but does not tell you what grains it is fed.
    Very Scary.
    I need to be informed.
    Have you seen the documentary FOOD INC …please Google it and it is the first on that comes up on the list and takes abut 5 minutes to load.
    Food situation in SA and all over on earth is so bad we are all dying of dread disease…God did not design the appalling food system it this way.
    Kind regards

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      Each feedlot will feed something different to their cattle.

      There is no standard feed. There are many stimulants that help the animals grow quicker. Information about these is freely available.

      The most common food is maize. In South Africa’s case it is almost all GMO.

      There are many other “foods” that are fed that are illegal to feed such as chicken manure but they are still fed. In fact the various strategies and benefits of feeding chicken manure to cattle was recently discussed in one of SA’s largest weekly agricultural magazines.

      Food Inc is a great movie.

      Stay well

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    I applaud you and your amazing work. My brother purchased a small chicken farm recently and was amazed when a local cattle farmer popped by to ask for all his old chicken manure and sawdust from the floors of his enclosures. My brother asked what he was going to do with it, the cattle farmer stated that it would be mixed with molasses and fed to his cows.


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