The greatest threat we farmers face is from proposed legislation.

The deadline for submissions to defend our property rights is this coming Friday the 15th of June.

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) is an advocacy organisation that is pushing a thoughtful, considered, unemotional and rational campaign against the government’s planned expropriation-without-compensation law.

No amount of media spin can deny the fact that this proposed legislation is a disaster. Not only for farming but for everyone as once the government has set the legal precedent of taking without compensation there is nothing to stop them from taking whatever they want of yours.

Please click here to add your voice. It is a very easy process. Interesting reading before adding your name.

I wrote on this issue here, back in February.

City folk must not make the mistake of thinking that this is a rural issue.

Joining the IRR for R100 a month is a good investment in an advocacy organisation that works whilst we go on trying to do our jobs.


10 June 2018


Excellent viticultural course – In Stellenbosch – 15 to 17 June

Georg Meissner is special in the world of viticulture. Not only is steeped in the BioDynamic method, he sits on the research team that compares organic/conventional/BioDynamic in a multi year trial at Geisenheim University in Germany and in addition to that he makes wine from his own vineyard in the Roussillon. He is presenting the 3 day course referred to above. For full details you need to click here Meissner wine growing workshop June 2018

Alternatively click here to email Beatrix who is organising the event.

There are many reasons to consider the BioDynamic method. First and foremost true BioDynamic wines withstand the forces of oxidation (death) for weeks. I recently drank some of Nicolas Joly’s wines that had been open for 4 weeks as per the photo above and they were glorious. No conventionally produced or even organic wine can lay claim to that. The latter wines will go off within days of being opened, tasted and recorked.

Nicolas Joly has written some great articles here on a few subjects, one being the use of sulphur.

Another great writer on the subject in Monty Waldin. Here is an excellent reasoning why this method should be supported.


3 June 2018


You and your money. Essential course for all workers.

The single biggest stress for our farm workers is money management. Thankfully Louisa le Roux, pictured below with our vineyard staff, has designed an excellent course. She, amongst others, draws on psychology, explains the difference between wants and needs and the different types of saving etc etc. This course is 5 hours long. She comes to your office.

As a result of the positive feedback, we are putting the rest of the farm staff on her course over the next 2 weeks.

If you are interested in getting Louisa in to come and engage with your staff on this valuable skill then click here Life Skills Training – Module 1 – You and Your Money – May 2018 – Final for full details.

Alternatively click here for their website.


20 May 2018


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