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Update on our beef collagen

On the 29th of June I wrote this blog post about the hydrolysed bovine collagen that we are selling.

There have been a few questions since we launched it. Below the questions is a great video that explains how it is made.

1. Is it grass fed or grass finished or from a feedlot? Where is the certification to prove this? There is no certificate. It is entirely irrelevant where the animal comes from because the collagen that we sell is bovine protein is bovine protein is bovine protein regardless of what the animal ate in it’s life. The fat from a grass finished animal is very different to the fat from a grain fed animal. There is no fat in the collagen that we or anyone else sells.
There is a loophole that lots of people in the beef industry use relating to grass fed. They claim it was a grass fed animal. All cattle are on grass until they either die or go to a feedlot.

2. Why is it so much cheaper than other products? Collagen is a commodity and so each company selling it decides what markup they want to put on it. Ours is smaller.

3. Why Brazilian and not from your cattle? One cow hide produces approximately 1 tablespoon of collagen powder. I only kill 4 cattle a week and in addition to that I don’t have the capital to put up a collagen plant as you can see in the video below. Brazil has the biggest beef industry in the world and hence are able to produce collagen at scale.

4. What is the best way to consume the collagen?
I use it in one of two ways. Either in my keto tea (tea, cacao butter, MCT oil, collagen and ghee) or in a keto cookie.

5. Why collagen and not bone broth.
Bone broth is much better as it is a whole food. Collagen is part of a whole. A good part but a part none the less.

6. What is the energy content of collagen?
17kJ per gram

7. Sometimes it tastes very beefy, stronger than other collagens. Why is this?
We have chosen not to flavour it. If the flavour is too strong then mix it into some yoghurt.

18 November 2018

Latest product – The label says it all

The photos below show you how two cute twins enjoy their uncle’s pork broth. Their father was cute when he was their age.

The photo below shows the old logo flanked by the new logo. A huge thanks to Suzie, Annebelle and Eddie for creating the new logo.

As with our beef broth this is cooked at 85 Celsius for 44 hours. The pigs are raised on our farm. The butchery is on our farm.

27 October 2018

Sustainability is defeatist, Veganism is defeatist and Vegetarianism is defeatist.

The above mentioned beliefs are defeatist simply because they exclude the possibility of regeneration.

The photo below is explained at the end of the blog.

First there has to be an acceptance that there is nothing to sustain i.e. the need for regeneration and then an understanding of how the Vegan/Vegetarian food would be produced if there was no livestock which will lead to an understanding of how the non animal protein diet cannot regenerate.

Human beings are committing species wide suicide and we are using agriculture as the tool to accomplish this. 36 football fields of rain forest are cut down every hour of every day to plant 4 crops (maize, soya, palm oil and sugar) that don’t nourish the human being. We lose 300 square kilometres of topsoil every day due to erosion caused by agriculture. There are over 400 dead zones in the world’s oceans directly attributable to the leaching of Nitrogen fertilisers into the rivers. Equal amounts of people are dying of obesity and of starvation. Cancer rates are going parabolic etc etc etc.

I could go on and on but the point is that there is nothing to sustain. The photo below is of the rainforest being replaced with soya.

KC Fazenda, a farm cut from the Amazon rain forest some 50 miles SE of Santarem. The fields were planted in corn, (soy bean fields are currently fallow) and all that was left of the forest is brazil nut trees, which are illegal to kill under national law. These brazil nut trees are unlikely to live very long without the other trees to keep moisture adn nutrients in the soil.

The answer is most certainly not for the entire population to stop eating meat. They must stop eating the wrong meat. Caged meat/grain fed beef/feedlot beef/antibiotic raised meat/growth hormone meat/Glyphosate meat is the wrong meat for both environmental reasons and human health reasons.

To grow any plant a form of fertiliser needs to be given to the plant. Organic and BioDynamic growers use compost and a variety of non chemical foods for the soils and the plants. Animal manures are the key ingredient in compost. Conventional farmers use Nitrogen based fertilisers which are destroyers of soil Carbon, are very energy intensive to produce and leach as per the dead zone point above. With no animals the vegans and vegetarians will have to use the Nitrogen based fertilisers to grow their food. This would further degenerate the Earth.

Combines harvesting dry land wheat on the Vulgamore Family Farm just south of Scott City, Kansas. The Vulgamores have been farming this area for five generations, and have one of the largest farms in the county. The wheat harvest last about two weeks, and starts at 7AM with servicing the combines, and usually continues non-stop until 11PM.

Furthermore the staple foods for the vegan/vegetarian diets are grains which are grown in monocultures as per above. Everything about a monoculture is in violation of nature.

Using animals on the land to rotationally graze increases soil Carbon, produces meat which nourishes the human being and creates employment. Carbon is 58% of Soil Organic Matter (SOM). Every 1 gram of SOM holds 8 grams of water. Properly managed animals lead to an increase of SOM in soils.

The book below is really the only one that you need to read on the subject of nutrition and its impact on society.

I am going to try and paraphrase this essential book. Dr Price goes on a 10 year journey around the world in the 1920’s and find that as soon as the white man’s food (read vegan/vegetarian) is introduced the humans and then society breaks down.

Read the writing in italics below the photos. Pre white man left and post white man right. The white man’s food is the staple of vegans and vegetarians namely white bread, canned food, processed food. In other words foods that are not whole. Hence a society that is not whole.

As promised an explanation of the photo at the top of the blog. The photo encapsulates regenerative agriculture and the defeatist nature of the beliefs mentioned above. My pigs have grazed to the right of the finger and not to the left. By choosing our pork you are contributing to building our soils and therefore making the farm more resilient. You are also increasing the Carbon contents of our soil whilst removing it from the atmosphere.

Wendell Berry says it best “We are all farmers by proxy”


17 August 2018

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