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Our latest product is available nationwide. Pure beef burgers.

This is what you want to look for. Healthier food priced at a discount to the unhealthy/environment destroying product.

Regenerative agriculture gets another boost from Checkers. On the shelves as per photo below.

With the nationwide rollout of the Farmer Angus Grass Fed beef burger patties the Shoprite/Checkers group has given a big shot in the arm to the nascent regenerative agriculture movement.

Apart from the greatest benefit, which is for the consumer as the patties are priced at as discount to the conventional grain fed/feedlot beef, there are environmental and social benefits.

The beef was raised on the Spier Wine Farm, in Stellenbosch by Farmer Angus where they practice rotational grazing which leads to carbon being stored in the soil which in turn gives the soil more water holding capacity making the farm more resilient and increasing the nutrients in the soil making healthier plants.

Healthy plants = healthy animals = healthy humans = healthy society.

Farmer Angus has been paid three times since 2013 for carbon credits he received for increasing the carbon in the soil of the pastures where the cattle graze. His last payout in 2020 resulted in his cattle herdman receiving R100,000 of those credits which enabled him to buy his first house. The Checkers deal has led to an increase in cattle numbers on the farm and therefore an increase in intensity of the carbon cycle. As a result Farmer Angus expects big increases in soil carbon the next time they go through the soil carbon audit in 2023.

Farmer Angus has employed another 4 staff as a result of this support from Checkers.

The pricing of these burger patties show that regeneratively produced food does not have to be elitist. The burger patties contain only beef and 0.8% sea salt. The cattle have never been fed grain or growth hormones.

The product has been in planning for 6 months and in that time the team at Checkers has been very supportive especially Shaun Kerr, Renaldo Philips, Thandeka Mbhele and Arno Abeln.

In each box there are 4 patties that weigh 165 grams. In each bigger box there are 18 small boxes.

We deliver these to the DCs around the country. They are kept frozen all the way. I recommend not cooking from frozen but defrosting in a fridge.

Our freezer is stocked for the next delivery.


26 July 2021

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