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Restructuring our beef business

The Farmer Angus Beef business is undergoing many changes.

As you know Covid-19 has caused havoc across the globe and with the hospitality sector being the most affected, we’ve had to reconsider the way forward. We are implementing a restructuring process as of today.

January has been a disaster with sales just  62% of what they were in December and we see no signs of this situation changing. The massive drop from December to January, in spite of some growth during the months before in the retail sector, is primarily because of the extended lockdown, which has crushed the already fragile restaurant and hotel industry.  Existing retail has also slowed down dramatically in the past few weeks.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

For several months now, we’ve been in negotiations with a national retailer to roll out a national grass fed beef project with them. In order to get approval for this we do need to upgrade our butchery facilities. This means that with immediate effect, we are closing our butchery, as we cannot operate in the facility whilst construction is taking place. It does mean that some retrenchments will take place, but we hope to rehire most of the staff when the project is off the ground and our new butchery is in full swing.

Where does that leave you, the customer?

We will continue with our eggs, charcuterie, collagen and bone broth. This will still be available through all the normal channels except our online shop, which is now closed. The beef stock will only be available as long as stocks last. We endeavour to make this transition as smooth as possible for all our customers and so have decided to continue to supply the Spier Farm Food Store with beef. This is on the farm where our business operates from. As our landlords and benefactors they have been so kind to us since 2008 when we started farming that we have done the necessary to ensure they have a stable supply of all our products.

We thank you for your ongoing support of our regenerative agriculture project and we encourage you to visit our shop at the farm should you require any of our beef products during this time.


30 January 2021

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