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The Pope of regenerative agriculture is coming to South Africa!!!

It is impossible to describe how exciting it is that Joel Salatin is coming to do two workshops on our farm early next year. He is the reason that I am farming. I have already started practicing deep breathing so that I can be calm around him.

You can take your pick from any of these links to get an insight into what he practices (which is what he preaches). The Joe Rogan interview is the most recent and wide ranging discussion with Joel.

Full credit for getting Joel into the sun goes to Belinda from The Permaculture Institute of Southern Africa. She is also organising the workshops, to book you can email her here.

To see the workshop flyer properly you are going to have to click here Joel Salatin conf 2021 flyer

The Spier Hotel is offering special rates to conference attendees. To access these click here and use the following block code.

See you in January on the farm.


24 June 2020


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    I am a small farm in Northern Cape I love the idea of regenerative farming


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