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Product of the month. Egg whites.

The success of the PJ Vadas Pasteis de Nata, which use our egg yolks, has meant that we have lots of egg whites to move.

Fortunately there are lots of gym bunnies and meringue fans who love egg whites. Not sure how many gym bunnies are meringue fans and vice versa.

This month PJ has shared his recipe for meringues.

For the retail trade we were encouraged by our clients at Wellness Warehouse to pack the egg whites in these 500ml sachets.

We also sell the egg whites in 5 litre boxes for our bigger clients.

Our hens live in Eggmobiles and they love heading out first thing in the morning onto the fresh pasture to which they are moved every single day of the year.

Our egg company, Farmer Angus Eggs, is as of the 1st of April 2020 90% owned by my ex-employees. I wrote this blog post about this transformative deal.


24 June 2020



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    High-quality egg yolks from pastured poultry are a great product. As you suggest, a great nutritional boost to add to baking.

    Its great to see your poultry farming venture flourish and expand. SA needs to up its domestic poultry production and you all are doing it with flair.


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