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Beef boerewors – our product of the month.

We have a had an on-farm butchery for almost 6 years now and every month I am still learning about what goes into conventional sausages. The list is very long, unbelievable and unsavoury which is why it will shock you that all you get in our boerewors at the farm is our beef, unwashed Khoisan salt, some 12-year-old Rosendal vinegar, coriander, nutmeg, black pepper and a touch of cloves.

We have managed to source organic cloves and nutmeg and are working on the rest.

Our sausage is very much in contrast to what is being sold as beef by the big national retailers. They have made the most of South Africa being the only country in the world where there is no legislation defining what can be sold as meat.

Our beef sausages are made from our cattle in the butchery by Wikus, Spencer and their able team.

The salt we use in all our products is unwashed because as soon as you wash salt the sodium chloride content goes up and the mineral content goes down. Our animals enjoy it as part of their free choice mineral licks.

Thanks for choosing regenerative agriculture.


9 December 2019

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