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Egg-to-plate media day

Last week we hosted 16 journalists from some of South Africa’s top magazines, radio stations, newspapers and digital media channels at the farm! They braved the cold and early morning start to join us for our circle, take part in moving our Eggmobiles and collecting newly-laid eggs.

We then all watched the talented, Chef Brady from Eight Restaurant at Spier make poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce, which we got to eat of course. Watch this awesome video taken by News24’s Traveller24 editor.

It perfectly demonstrates just how the concept of farm-to-plate works, and reminds us to think about what we eat, where it comes from and just what process it underwent to get to our breakfast plate. Something we like to call mindful consumption.

We regularly host visitors to the farm, it’s the best way to see where your Farmer Angus products come from. So if you’re interested in joining us for a tour, email me at




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