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Update on our beef collagen

On the 29th of June I wrote this blog post about the hydrolysed bovine collagen that we are selling.

There have been a few questions since we launched it. Below the questions is a great video that explains how it is made.

1. Is it grass fed or grass finished or from a feedlot? Where is the certification to prove this? There is no certificate. It is entirely irrelevant where the animal comes from because the collagen that we sell is bovine protein is bovine protein is bovine protein regardless of what the animal ate in it’s life. The fat from a grass finished animal is very different to the fat from a grain fed animal. There is no fat in the collagen that we or anyone else sells.
There is a loophole that lots of people in the beef industry use relating to grass fed. They claim it was a grass fed animal. All cattle are on grass until they either die or go to a feedlot.

2. Why is it so much cheaper than other products? Collagen is a commodity and so each company selling it decides what markup they want to put on it. Ours is smaller.

3. Why Brazilian and not from your cattle? One cow hide produces approximately 1 tablespoon of collagen powder. I only kill 4 cattle a week and in addition to that I don’t have the capital to put up a collagen plant as you can see in the video below. Brazil has the biggest beef industry in the world and hence are able to produce collagen at scale.

4. What is the best way to consume the collagen?
I use it in one of two ways. Either in my keto tea (tea, cacao butter, MCT oil, collagen and ghee) or in a keto cookie.

5. Why collagen and not bone broth.
Bone broth is much better as it is a whole food. Collagen is part of a whole. A good part but a part none the less.

6. What is the energy content of collagen?
17kJ per gram

7. Sometimes it tastes very beefy, stronger than other collagens. Why is this?
We have chosen not to flavour it. If the flavour is too strong then mix it into some yoghurt.

18 November 2018

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