Courier service and office collection reopened. With immediate effect.

As we now have two folk running our office we can offer the services listed above.

Mzothule Ndokweni is the first of our staff on the 9 month management improvement program. He is spending this time learning from Yolande how to run our business. My goal is for my staff to eventually run their own businesses. The reason every land claim in this country has failed is that the claimants are not taught how to run businesses.

To order please email here. Office collections are only on Tuesdays and Wednesday between 10.00 and 12.00. Our office is on the Eastern side of the massive shed which is opposite the Stellenbosch Waldorf School, off the Annandale Road (Santa Road turn off) which is off either the R310 or the R44. Look for the big red doors.

In order for us to process  your order in the week we need to receive it by midday on the Monday.

The order needs to be for a minimum of 10 items. We do not have a card paying facility in the office. We don’t accept cash. Accordingly payment via EFT.

Click here  20180109 office collection & courier for the pdf of what is available.

Alternatively scroll down through this list and email your order.

Bacon, Back 250gr
Bacon, Bits 500gr
Bacon, Streaky 250gr
Beef Boerewors 500gr
Beef Bone Broth 1L
Beef Chipolatas 500g
Beef Cocktail Frankfurters 190gr
Beef Dripping 1L
Beef Frankfurters 600gr pack
Beef Liver Spread 172gr
Beef Mince 500gr
Beef Patties 100gr (4 per pack)
Beef Patties 200gr (4 per pack)
Biltong 150gr
Chicken Braai Pack 800gr
Chicken Broth 1L
Chicken liver pâté 195gr
Chicken per KG
Cooked Ham 100gr
Pork Bangers 600gr pack
Pork Bangers Smoked 600gr pack
Pork Cocktail Frankfurters 190gr
Pork Frankfurters 600gr pack
Pork Lard 1L
Salami 100gr
Salami Combo 100gr (50g normal salami & 50g cooked salami)
Salami, Cooked 100gr
Salami, Spread 195gr
Snapsticks 80gr
Spencer’s Wors 500gr



25 January 2018


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  1. Hellen Reply

    Good day

    I am on the Banting diet and it does not allow me to eat meat with certain spices and fillers like cereal and sugar.

    Is your meats free of these additives?
    And do you courier all over SA?

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