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Update on our outdoor chicken operation


It has been a year since our colleague Rico left to start his own outdoor egg operation at Boschendal which is doing really well. It is also a year since we open sourced all our information. Click here for that. The one thing I forgot to add was that it is critical to galvanise the Eggmobiles. I am paying the price now for trusting in anti rust paint.

Before we get to the video a reminder that these eggs are free of Glyphosate. This is the active ingredient in the herbicide roundup and the photo aboveĀ is worth studying. The increase in disease concomitant with the widespread use of Roundup Ready crops. There is an excellent video here by the retired geneticist Thierry Vrain on the subject of this poison that all South Africans ingest daily. It is now in vaccines and breastmilk.

Thanks to our mentor, Ray Davis, we keep lots of performance records. Below is our latest batch coming into production. This is a thing of beauty. Especially since these are not caged hens but outdoor birds exposed to the elements. Their sister’s performance is in column D and our in column C. They come to us from the cages at 19 weeks of age. We use only Amberlink hens.


Finally I have updated our client list so you can see where to enjoy our eggs, either at a restaurant or at home. Click here.


22 October 2016



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    Hi, thanks so much for information
    1. You mentioned in the video that there is calcium(I presume it’s calcium carbonate) and kelp as a lick for chickens, is there is anything else in the lick for chickens?

    2. Is non gmo feed has only 2 ingredients: corn and dried larvae? Do you you use mineral/vitamin premix in the feed?

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    Since being diagnosed with EoE over 5 years ago, I have discovered that glyphosate is the root cause. By avoiding this nasty substance in breads, meats, eggs and water etc I have noticed a marked improvement in my condition. Thank you Farmer Angus for leading the way in South Africa by producing glyphosate free foods.


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