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Articles from my column in Longevity magazine.

For the past four months I have written a monthly column in Longevity magazine. Thanks to Gisele Wertheim-Aymes for giving me the opportunity.

Herewith links to each column.

Unleash your inner eco warrior – April 2015

You, only better – May, June 2015

Revitalise yourself, July 2015


8 July 2015


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    Hi Angus,
    Excellent article. Very interested in this comment and what your understanding is.
    ” As my knowledge has deepened over the years I can understand why many people show no interest in where their food comes from. ”
    I have my own take on it as I went totally organic(food) and about 80% raw, and also chemically free( other products) and in the process obviously discussed it with my friends and colleagues. Most of them are aware of the issues and others less so, and their reaction (and sometimes lack of getting it), has been quite interesting.
    Would love to visit you farm. How does one arrange a visit.


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