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Don’t be fooled by your egg supplier…


If you buy an extra large egg how sure are you that it is extra large?

The free range egg industry and the retailers selling “free range” eggs are already abusing the term being free range (for more on this click here)

What you need to be aware of is that eggs are graded by weight. Unless you weigh the egg you cannot be sure.

I know of one “free range egg” supplier here in the Western Cape who is putting large eggs into his extra large boxes and selling them at the extra large price.

Small 42 grams and less

Medium 43 to 50 grams

Large 51 to 58 grams

Extra large 59 to 65 grams

Jumbo 66 grams and up

sorting egg Feb 2015

We grade our eggs on this machine pictured above. Our restaurant clients (click here to see who they are) get the large eggs. Our medium, jumbo and occassionally extra large eggs are packed for retail and look like this.

FA eggs, nov 2014

Our small eggs we turn into liquid eggs. Here is the explanation.

For more about our genuine free range egg operation please click here.



P.S. We are all farmers by proxy. Come to the farm for a real food safari so we can discuss the aforementioned.



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