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I am moving my beef to my other label. Temporarily.

Dear Reader

I am a shareholder in a company that provides grass fed beef. The animals have never eaten grain and are not raised on growth hormones (which sterilise the animal but according to scientists are fine for you to eat). We also pay the farmers more. It is called Cape Veld Beef. For more information click here.

I have lost over 11% of my herd (many weeks of slaughter) since May to various BVD induced diseases and so whilst my herd recuperates I am sourcing beef that I trust through Cape Veld Beef. I will write a blog sometime about the horrors of BVD but what I will say now is that the live vaccine does not work, at least not for me. What has worked is sending a part of the ear to Prof Prozesky in Pretoria to determine which animals are BVD Permanently Infected and then culling them.

We are currently sourcing our Cape Veld Beef from the Winshaw family of Usana/Klein Welmoed. In addition to producing genuine grass fed beef they are the only other genuine free range egg producer in the country. Here is more about the con that is free range eggs. What Cape Veld Beef also does is pay the farmers a premium over feedlot/grain fed beef which is the opposite of what happens in the market where the farmer is punished by R1 to R2 per kg for animals with yellow fat which indicates that it came off grass. The absurdity of punishing farmers for providing a product that does not give you cancer or destroy the environment beggars belief. The national retailers who profess care and concern for their clients are the ones ultimately supporting this Orwellian world.

The last point I would like to make about Cape Veld Beef relates to what you see above. These are what are called roller marks and the various letters mean various things. There are a lot of butchers providing so called grass fed beef but they don’t have their beef roller marked so you simply cannot trust what they say. Here is more about the illegal selling of free range/grass fed/pasture reared/organic meat. 

The roller mark above means the following. CAPEVEL is the trademark registered to me for Cape Veld Beef, A is for A grade which is less than 2 years old, 3 is for conformation which is good muscling, 2 is for the fat cover (supposedly the best) and SLCK is the abattoir (Swartland Volstruise in Malmesbury).

Our butchery procedures remain exactly the same. The carcasses are dry aged for 14 days before processing. We use the best spices we can buy. Non irradiated etc. Spencer, our master butcher of 50 years experience, still runs the show.

We will start the transition this week and I will be back with Farmer Angus beef either in late October or early November.

Thanks for choosing food that is NOT irradiated, genetically modified, poison sprayed, nutrient depleted, adulterated, reconstituted, shelf life stabilized, tasteless, extruded, dye-enhanced, government and supermarket-sanctioned pseudo-food.



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