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We have stopped our home delivery service with immediate effect, 1 September 2014.


There are two reasons why we have stopped this service.

First, we have reached the stage where our produce is available in enough retail outlets in Cape Town, Somerset West and Stellenbosch so that clients living almost anywhere near or in those areas can buy our produce.

Second, not doing home deliveries gives us more time on the farm which we need.

Thanks for your support. A list of retailers is on this website. Click on BUY MEAT at the top of the page.




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    Hi am staying in port elizabeth, I would like to know where I can I buy your product here in PE, or how can I buy your product.

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    Hi I would like to buy from you directly. Could you please give me a good price on silverside and topside meat please. I’m wanting to buy in bulk.


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    hi There. do you sell hindquarters? if so what price per kilo?



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    Hi Angus,

    I am wanting to buy meat and mince etc. I wanted to find out if you sell directly?

    Why I ask is because i would like to get fresh meat rather than frozen.

    Also have not eaten certain things such as mince and boerewors for such a long time, due to allergies. I was so happy to see you do without preservatives and msg’s. Yay! Thank you!!



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