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Positive (small) update to economically sterile land blog (below) from yesterday.

Dear Reader.

(The land I am referring to below is 1,800 hectares which is 1.5% of the total economically sterile land in the blog below.)

When I started writing the blog below about our family farms being bought by the government under a false land claim it appeared that my father’s farms would go the way of his neighbours and of most land claims in South Africa. That is degraded with no plan to keep the land productive.

However an amazing official from the Department of Rural Development (Nelisiwe Magubane) has appeared in the last few days and arranged not only for some of the land to stay productive ( the land is being leased to a big cattle farmer) but also for the electricity to be reconnected.

I have pasted an email from her below.

Kindly note that I have managed to sort our the electricity for the people who are living on the farm. I have been negotiating with Eskom since Monday. When I had that those people had no electricity since last Saturday I could not sleep. But God being great to us they will have electricity today. I wanted to take good care of both the claimants and the labour tenants. Mr Skead payed the deposit to Eskom and we have together with the Committee introduced him to the people and he has received a warm welcome. He is going to take care of the 67 cattle at his own cost, they will graze together. He will deposit your money for the furniture at the lodge tomorrow as I successfully negotiated with you in Good Faith as a former Unionist. He has looked at the lease agreement that was prepaid by the department and he is happy. Department of Agriculture is busy with a business plan. I am just happy because I see a successful partnership. I will update you once he has made the payment.”

All it takes is one official to make a positive difference, even if it is only 1.5%. Lets hope she eventually becomes the Director General and then the Minister.

Keep scrolling down for the blog I am referring to.


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