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Update on our CLA in beef trial.

Dear Reader.

We are still in the first year of a trial that started two years ago. Let me explain.  When we started our CLA trial (details about it are here, click on this green writing) two years ago we expected to slaughter all the oxen within the first year of the trial. This proved true for the English breeds but we still have some Simmentaler and some Simbra oxen taking their time to get fat. ( We slaughtered one this week and were rewarded with a 342kg carcass.)

We have slaughtered almost all the Angus, Hereford and Sussex from the second year.

We have not submitted any of the samples to the Medical Research Council as we have to wait for all the animals to be slaughtered so that the samples can be properly compared.

What is clear is that the Simmentaler breed society claims about their CLA could be true but this is likely to be as a result of the age of the animal, not the breed.

Our beef is now being butchered on the farm and some of it is available for sale. Read here.

Whilst this trial is taking place our beef are sequestering Carbon every day. Read here.

I do think that by winter we should have the results.


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