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Back to non GMO food for our laying hens…85% that is.

This is another old blog posting. Since October 2015 our hens have been on a 100% non GMO diet.

Dear Reader

At the end of last year there was a drama when we had to abandon our non GMO feed. I wrote about it at length. Click on this green if you are interested.

What has transpired in the mean time is that we have tried a different mycotoxin inhibitor. (If you want to know why we need to use one then click on the link above.) This zeolite based inhibitor has done the trick of keeping our chickens healthy and not interfering in the gut and so our eggs are back to the bright orange colour and the hens are on a 85% non GMO diet.

The 15%that is GMO is soya and click on the green if you want to know why we need to use soya and why GMO.

Thanks for reading and if you want to find out how to enjoy our produce then click on the sourcing produce tab on the top of the webpage.


19 January 2014


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    Please let us know how to continue getting your beef.
    Kind regards

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      Soya is an excellent source of protein. Nothing has been found yet to replace it on a big scale. For a few chickens perhaps but not for our 3,500.


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    I buy my produce (meat, eggs, etc) from a store called the Organic Emporium here in Johannesburg. The owner, Debbie, is passionate about her organic produce, grassfed beef, etc. She is working closely with a local chicken (egg) farmer to develop a home grown feed that replaces the need for GMO soya.
    I strongly recommend you get in contact with her! She has some amazing ideas!! :):)


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