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My first proper day of butchering our own cattle on our own farm

Hello dear reader.

I am struggling more than normal to type as my arms and hands hurt in a manner they have not hurt before.

Spencer Nicholls is a tough task master. He has been butchering for 50 years. One is supposed to be slowing down after doing something for that long, however Spencer was a ball of enthusiasm, precision on the bandsaw and sharp knives all day long.

In fact the picture below was taken as he was finishing taking apart his last hindquarter of the morning. He did 4 in 20 minutes!!!!

At this stage our meat is only available on the Spier Wine Farm. We are starting small but properly. Spier are taking the entire carcass which Spencer butchers and packs according to their instructions.

This is one of the filet’s. Note the yellow fat which indicates grass fed beef goodness. We are hanging the carcasses for 28 days before butchering.

The rump actually consists of three muscles. They cook differently and the muscular structure is different. That is why rump is a hit and miss dish, however not the rump you can eat at Spier from Wednesday this week. This is because Spencer has separated the rump into it’s three constituents and so each will be cooked according to it’s requirements. The knives below point to each of the three parts.

Happy eating at Spier



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    Hi Angus,
    I stumbled across your blog by studying the menu of Macaron. I’m a friend of Lal’s and recognized your name. Just wanted to pop a note to say that I have been thoroughly absorbed by your blog for the last 2 hours. Wonderful work you are doing and I’m deeply impressed. As a banker who is still somewhat looking for her vocation, it was deeply inspiring to me. Congrats, and I look forward to visiting some time.

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    Hi there
    We would love to buy some beef from your establishment. Please can you tell me if your butchery is on the Spier premises or outside?

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      The butchery is on our farm. We dont sell from the butchery. Please click on BUY MEAT&EGGS on the website to see how to source our produce.



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