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Low stress stockhandling course on our farm, 27 September 2013

Dear fellow livestock lovers.

I read about Bud Williams in the Stockman Grass Farmer. He was the godfather of low stress stock handling and designed the Bud Box. Our cattle handling has changed dramatically for the better since we built and use the Bud Box.

Now there is an opportunity for us to learn from a man who was trained by Bud. David McLean is running a 1 day workshop on our farm, Spier in Stellenbosch on the 27th of September.

The document below goes into the relevant detail about the day. Suffice to say apart from the actual course, both theoretical and practical, the highlights will be the burgers for lunch made from our beef (click here to understand why it is so special) and the wine tasting of Spier’s finest at the day’s end.

In case you still needed to be persuaded about the Bud Box have a look here.

Although they will be working with cattle on that day as you can see from the information below the principles apply to sheep too.

I am not organising the event.

Bruce Brown from RCS is in charge. A huge thanks to him for getting the Australians here and an even bigger thanks to the Springboks for giving the convicts a hiding at Newlands the next day.




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