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Our egg price went up yesterday. Below is an explanation.

We last increased our price for our Pasture Reared Eggs in March of 2011.

The picture above was taken this afternoon after I received the Roche Yolk Colour Fan whose values were set in 1931. Our egg is a 15. The highest number on the scale. The eggs you buy in the shop are closer to a 1 which is also in picture. The reason is simply that our chickens get to eat a lot of grasses and legumes growing in our pastures whereas the only green thing the battery hens (24 million out of 25 million laying hens in South Africa) ¬†and the “free range” hens see is the overalls of the worker.

Here is a letter that all our clients received last week explaining the increase and the undertaking not to increase our price again until October 2014.

17 april 2013, egg price increase

Thanks for your continued support.

We are working overtime to get ready for the next 1,000 hens that arrive on Monday.


We are all farmers by proxy – Wendell Berry



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    Good day Angus,

    I want to start a small scale back yard egg production with the intention of supply to local retailers supermarkets,tuckshops and the Shoprite in our small complex.
    Please advice on the sales pricing range for medium eggs (4 eggs/ 6ggs/12 eggs/18 eggs/30eggs).



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    Good day,im interested in selling eggs.please advise on pricing list



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