Why we have closed our broiler chicken business.

We slaughtered and delivered our last pasture reared chickens last week.

Economies of scale are the three words that best encapsulate why we closed.

We are 1/5 of what we should be.

In order for use to reopen we need to make a capital investment into housing and into packaging. (Our slaughter facilities are ideal for being 5 times bigger than we need to be, in order for this business to be profitable). I don’t have the money for that capital expansion.

We have had amazing support over the years in chronological order from Somerset West Spar, Spier, Mount Nelson, Rust en Vrede, Organic Zone, Wellness Warehouse, Continental Butchery, Le Quartier Francais, Aubergine, 96 Winery Road and Bread and Wine. Thanks indeed to all our clients.

According to my old clients the free range chickens to buy are Lazena and then Elgin.

We are still producing lots of Pasture Reared Eggs, provide client with Boland Lamb and remain the only grass fed beef producer in the Western Cape marketing meat directly to end consumers.


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  1. that’s so sad! all I have read about Lazena, they are indeed the best option, before Elgin. However, I really really hope that you will get your chickens going again!

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