Ways to enjoy our produce as of 21 February 2017

Now that we have upgraded our product range we are updating how you can source our produce. The new products have no nitrates or nitrites added during production (Click here for more on this cancer free meat). If you don’t want to scroll through the photos from some of the work on the farm then please click here or go to BUY MEAT at the top of the blog.

06 JANUARIE 2017 NUUS RAPPORT Werkers by Spier deel die wins wat die plaas uit die verkoop van koolstofkrediete gemaak het. Die omgewingsvriendelike boerederypraktyke sluit in dat diere gereeld geskuif word en net elke ses weke na dieselfde stuk weiding terugkeer. Angus McIntosh is die boer aan stuur van sake. Foto: CONRAD BORNMAN/NUUS RAPPORT SUID Storie: Aldi Schoeman

Everybody loves a back rub. More on our outdoor egg operation here. Photo: Conrad Borman/RAPPORT


Talent and Mzukisi proud of the bacon coming out of the smoker. They made the brine that the meat soaked in for 24 hours prior to being double smoked.


We processed our first pigs from the farm last week, hence the different label (Farmer Angus’ Pork as opposed to Farmer Angus’ Meat where the pork comes from other free range farms). In picture is the pork rump which is on the menu at Spier’s Eight restaurant.




The great regenerative farmer, Bertie Coetzee from Prieska, checking up on the organic maize he has planted for us. This is the second year that he is planting and so far the harvest looks a lot better than last year. Luckily he planted before he became a Dad. You can read about his organic maize exploits here.


Thankfully Giles Edwards decided to leave London and come back to the sun. He blesses us with his food at La Tete. Above is a dish with our egg and our pig’s blood as well our pig’s head.


28 day dry aged rump on bone. Expertly cut by Spencer. Available at Spier’s various restaurants, La Motte or at the PicknPay in Stellenbosch Square.


Brined and then double smoked.


Keeping a steady hand on all proceedings in our on farm butchery is our 72 year old Spencer Nicholls.

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Glyphosate, the carcinogen every South African ingests daily.

I wrote the article below for one of my recent columns in Longevity Magazine.

The only Glyphosate free bread in this country are the organic loaves baked by Fritz Schoon in Stellenbosch. (Every loaf tested in the supermarkets contains Glyphosate). Not only is he using James Moffett’s organic heirloom wheat he is stone grinding it in his bakery and immediately turning it into bread. This results in the full benefits of whole grain. No oxidising, no removal of the bran…in short wheat that has not been castrated.

Genuine grass fed beef (not the kind that is finished on grain/urea/chicken manure/molasses) is also free of Glyphosate.


12 November 2015



Glyphosate – the carcinogen you are ingesting daily.


One consistent theme of this column is the fact that human beings are committing species wide suicide. South Africans’ daily consumption of Glyphosate is the first of many examples to back up this view.


Glyphosate is found in every loaf of bread sold in every shop in this country. It is in all processed foods, tinned foods and ready made meals as these all contain maize and soya and their derivatives (I used to work with derivatives at Goldman Sachs and this is not the type I am referring to). Finally it is in all chicken, pork, beef and lamb. (The exceptions being genuine grass fed beef and lamb off the Karoo veld, which is much rarer than you think.)


Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the world’s most widely used agricultural chemical. Before explaining what it does to humans, apart from being a carcinogen (cancer causing) let me first explain how it gets into your food and into human breastmilk and into our drinking water.


Glyphosate is sprayed onto all the grain crops that you eat or onto the food the animals that you eat eat. Glyphosate bioaccumulates. Cooking does not kill Glyphosate.


I will elaborate on each of the problems I am about to mention below. The problems that Glyphosate causes in humans is first, it chelates micro nutrients, second, it damages your gut bacteria as it destroys their Shikimate pathway and third, it damages the critical cytochrome enzymes.


Before delving a little deeper lets understand that GMO is the Trojan Horse by which the big global seed companies (the top 3 control 50% of the market) are attempting to gain control of the world’s food system. Through Glyphosate resistant seed and Terminator genes they make it very difficult for farmers to resist them. The entire agricultural academic world is funded by these companies and so all students are taught that this toxic form of agriculture is normal and necessary.


99% of the soya and 84% of the maize grown in South Africa is GMO (genetically modified organism). This means that these plants have been bred to withstand the weedkiller (herbicide) whose active ingredient is Glyphosate and which kills all plants that are not GMO. On the face of it, it appears to be a panacea for the farmer who does not have to use any other chemicals to kill those opportunistic weeds or till his land to remove the weeds. His joy however is short lived as not only are there now 32 species of weeds that are resistant to Glyphosate, the farmer has to add micro nutrients to his soil as Glyphosate has chelated them.


Chelation is the process whereby, in this case, micro nutrients are bound to a substance, in this case Glyphosate, and made unavailable. My first experience of this power of Glyphosate was in 2010 when I started helping Spier Wine Farm convert to organic agriculture. I had the soils tested and there was very little Zinc, Managanese, Iron and Copper. Glyphosate was patented in 1964 as a chelator of micro nutrients. Spier used to, like almost every wine farm still does, spray Glyphosate in their vineyards for weed control.


The proponents of GMO say that it is safe for humans because it breaks the Shikimate pathway and humans don’t have it. However our gut bacteria do have the Shikimate pathway and one of the megatrends in medicine is the realisation that the gut is the foundation to our health.


The GMO proponents, who still cling to the canard that we need GMO to feed the world, try very hard to underplay the damage Glyphosate does to the CYP enzymes mentioned above.


I would encourage you to investigate this carcinogen that you are consuming.


Herewith an invite to visit me on the farm next time you are in Stellenbosch.


A final insight into the power of the pro GMO lobby is that No regulatory authority anywhere in the world requests mandatory chronic animal feeding studies to be performed for edible GMOs. It means that these companies have a lot to hide and our government is not protecting us. They (the food companies and the agricultural chemical companies) have spent to date $100 million to fight GMO labelling laws.



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