Hello. After you have looked at the photos of some our our produce, there is an explanation below of where you can enjoy or buy the produce and then enjoy it at home.


Above is our meat for retail. All prepared in our butchery under the supervision of 71 year old Spencer Nicholls. No other meat is ever allowed in our butchery so I can assure you this meat is grass fed, Glyphosate free throughout it’s life, Halaal killed and has not been adulterated with MSG, water, bread, sawdust, soya, irradiated spices and the meat from confinement farmed animals. Unlike many providers of so called free range/grass fed beef we are SAMIC registered.

From left to right. Biltong (sliced, Nitrogen gas flushed for 3 months shelf life, 150grams), droewors (200 grams, also Nitrogen gas flushed), burger patties (200 grams, 4 per pack, only forequarter meat, minced once, 5 grams of salt per 1kg, clingfilm wrapped), boerewors (500 grams, vacuum packed), mince rolls (500 grams, frozen, minced twice), fresh mince (500 grams, minced twice, vacuum packed) and burger patties (100 grams, 4 per pack, only forequarter meat, minced once, 5 grams of salt per 1kg, vacuum packed). All our produce is barcoded as per the photos above and below.

We do sometimes have some rump, spider, hanger and flank steak available. These are quite scarce as all the Spier based restaurants have the first rights to my produce (part of my rental agreement with Spier) and they like the steaks just as much as you do.

If you want to eat our rump, flank and oxtail go to Eight at Spier, Sirloin and rib eye is at the Spier Hotel, a selection of hanger, oyster, sirloin, brisket, marrow bones and spider at the Hoghouse on Spier, sirloin, topside, bolo and marrow bones at the Mount Nelson and filet at La Colombe, sirloin at Bread and Wine.


The eggs above come from our hens in their Eggmobiles. Click here for more. Prices below.


Our new biltong packaging is specifically designed for the checkout aisle. It has a euroslot and on the back is the barcode. It is flushed with Nitrogen gas which gives a 3 month shelf life at room temperature.

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Above and below are photos of our bone broth. Details about what bone broth is are here. You can choose the glass or BPA free plastic packaging. This elixir comes in 1 litre quantities. Recommended Retail price is R65 per bottle.




Spencer, Mbekseni, Julius, Unathi, Mzukizi and Trevor posing with our raw pets mince. Made from the red offal of our animals which is liver, lungs, spleen and heart. It is minced and sold in the 500gram packs pictured below. Retails for R24.63 per pack.


Mzukizi, below, is about to finish applying the plastic sheet and then use the handpress to press the burgers.


We provide the following produce from our farm.

1. Beef (Click here to learn about our global warming reversing beef operation and click here to learn more about our on farm butchery)

2. Eggs (Our hens overnight and lay in Eggmobiles. Click here to find out what an Eggmobile is. The biggest lie in agriculture is free range eggs. Read here how our national chain retailers support this consumer fraud.

3. Straw wine. (Here is a little essay about my Ezibusisweni Straw Wine.)

4. Chenin Blanc wine. (Here is story about my Ezibusisweni Chenin Blanc)

5. A selection of books that have inspired and helped me to farm as well as printed t-shirts.

We don’t provide lamb or chicken anymore. Details below.

There are four ways to get hold of our products:

  1. Eat our produce at the restaurants listed below.
  2. Buy our produce from retailers listed below.
  3. On the Spier Wine Farm in the Eight to Go deli our eggs are available. 7 days a week.
  4. You can collect your order from our farm office as per this arrangement.

1. Restaurants and Hotels

Cape Town

Carne – Eggs

La Colombe – Eggs, Beef

Mount Nelson – Eggs, Beef

Pot Luck Club – Eggs

Sexy Food – Eggs

The Loading Bay – Beef, Eggs


Boschendal – Beef

Bread and Wine – Eggs

Foliage – Eggs, Beef

La Motte – Eggs, Beef

Le Quartier Francais – Eggs, Straw Wine, Beef

Rupert and Rothschild – Eggs, Beef


Noop – Eggs



Bistro 13 – Beef, Eggs

De Oude Meul – Beef

Eight, Spier Hotel, Spier Wine Farm – Eggs, Beef

Hoghouse Bakery and Cafe, Spier – Beef, Eggs

Oude Bank Bakkerij (Schoon Companje) – Beef

Soverby Guest House – Eggs

Somerset West

Benguela on Main – Eggs

Camphors, Vergelegen – Eggs

95 on Morgenster – Eggs

Stables, Vergelegen – Eggs

3. Retailers

Cape Town

Alphen Spar, Constantia – Beef, Eggs

Continental Butchery – Kloof Street – Eggs, Beef

Ethical Coop, Home delivery service – Eggs

Garden Route Goodies – Hout Bay – Eggs, Beef

Organic Zone – Lakeside – Eggs, Beef, Bone broth

Think Organic – Kenilworth – Eggs, Bone broth, Beef. Click here to access the goods. And then click here to see their album of their real food safari (farm tour)
Wellness Warehouse (Kloof Street) – Eggs, Beef, Bone broth

Wholesome Meals, delivery service – Biltong

Wild Organics, Home delivery service – Eggs, Beef


Jackson’s Real Food Market, Bryanston – Biltong, Eggs, Bone broth, Steak


De Jonker Spar, Mostertsdrift – Eggs, Beef (only Spar in Stellenbosch stocking our beef)

Paradyskloof Spar – Eggs

Spar, Paul Roos – Eggs

Spier, Eight to Go Deli – Eggs, Biltong, droewors

Somerset West

Spar, Lions Square, Main Road – Eggs, Beef

Thanks in advance for your support and for taking an interest as to where and how your food is produced.


5 Feb 2016


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  1. Brigott Garvie Reply

    Good day, I would like to place an order for eggs, sausages and mince. Please could someone contact me on 082 900 7841 or 021 671 6305 to assist me with my request.


    • solly Reply

      Do you have beef bones in bulk to sell.

  2. LUcia Reply

    I just read your comments about GMO and non GMO feed for chickens. Aren’t the use of certain herbs an option in storing the grains? Khakibos, marigold, etc. Maybe one should investigate how grains were stored in the olden days. Then there is also diatomaceous earth that can be investigated.

    • Farmer Angus Reply


      the problem with storage is that to put in herbs or diatoms you need a silo. A big one for 70 tons of maize.


  3. Max Reply

    First off – just love what you are doing!
    2nd, will you ever sell prime & secondary beef cuts direct to the public (from your farm or through retailers)?

  4. Ben Coffin Reply

    I wanted to know if I could get the plans to your eggmobiles. Thank you so much for your help.

  5. Gaill Reply

    Question. …….are your products non GMO ? Does it state it on the label ?
    Because that is what I am looking for. I am no expert on the subject but have been doing some research and getting worried about what I’m feeding my family. Thanks, Gaill.

  6. Tami Randles Reply

    Hi Angus,

    I would like to place an order, please tell what is available beside your minced products.


  7. Caroline Reply

    I feel encouraged by your site and hope you are able to deliver to Johannesburg? However halaal and kosher slaughter have been banned in the UK because of all the cruelty involved. Can you not use a more humane method of slaughtering your animals?

    • Leilah Reply

      Hi Caroline
      Halal and Kosher methods require the animal to be at peace and are more humane than normal method of slaughter a’s it emphasises the calmness of the animal and trise to ensure leas distress to them. Please research it and you will see.

  8. brigitta Reply

    I am so glad you are doing this and will definitely look into buying your products from now on. Please can you send me your product list ?

  9. Petrus Reply

    Farmer Angus please give me a ring. Very impressed with your website.

  10. Shona Reply

    Any chance you can put me in touch with a Grass fed farmer in the Eastern Cape?

    • Farmer Angus Reply

      hello. not sure what you mean. do you want to buy meat?


  11. Bronwyn Reply

    I would like to order various cuts of beef as well as bones for bone broth, I don’t see prices on your website for this. Please post prices or email directly to me. Thank You

  12. Charl Reply

    Hi. I’d like to inquire about being supplied free range beef for our online store. We currently source from Greenfields in Natal but I’m interested in exploring a more local option. Thanks

  13. Louise Reply

    I am so pleased to discover this website and way to order meat and eggs that are really organic- do you also supply the organic suppliers like “Wild Organics” with meat? This would also make the products more easy to get hold of.
    I look forward to when you can do the lamb again as well.
    Those egg yolks look stunning! and the way you treat the chickens are amazing too – a real farm life!

  14. Louise Reply

    Do you have a printed out product list and price list that we can refer to, to make buying a bit easier?

  15. Louise Reply

    Do you have cuts of beef available as well as the minced products?

  16. Natalia Reply

    Hi there, Where is the northern suburbs can i buy your products?


  17. ji hyeok kim Reply

    hi my name is jihyeok kim
    could you give me the your meet price list to me please

  18. Michele Reply

    Hi There

    I would love to buy your produce in Joburg. Are you planning on sending some deliciousness from the mountain up our way anytime soon? xxx

  19. Fundile Reply

    Good day sir/Madam Fundile would like to Buy and sell all you Products and servirces can you Please Email me the price list.

    kinds regards

  20. Sylvia Bobo Reply

    Hi , I am working for an N.G.O , we cook big quantities of meals. Therefore I am looking for a place where we can buy large quantities of meat.

    Please send me your prices and your bulk prices.


  21. irfan Reply

    I am opening a burger joint in a predominantly muslim area and would like to source a reliable gras fed beef supplier.
    could you produce the halaal certificate please.



  22. Nuraina Reply

    Please contact me via cell phone or email I am interested 0837864951

  23. chantelle steyl Reply

    Please send me a price list

  24. jackie Reply

    I would like to buy and sell, pls contact me via email,

  25. arthur Reply

    good day

    i would love to stock eggs and beef for my fast food business kindly forward me your pric list at

  26. Gerrit Reply

    I would like to place an order to buy eggs , please contact me on 0844421544

  27. Hugh Pasqualli Reply

    Good day. I want to buy eggs from you. Please mail me a pricelist of your different products and the packaging.

    Hugh Pasqualli
    Enikma Enterprises PTY LTD

  28. Steve Reply

    Can you send me a price list for your eggs? I want to buy in bulk quantities. 0783000083

  29. chantel Reply

    How do I order bone broth I love in Joburg

  30. Desiree Gray Reply

    I would appreciate a price list of all your products please.

  31. Tando Reply

    May you pliz send me a price list of all your products.


  32. Carla Reply

    is it really an option to work on the farm for 3 weeks to learn from you?

  33. Shamima Reply

    Thank you for supplying good quality Halaal beef.
    May your business grow from strength to strength

  34. lea-ann Reply

    I’m selling hampers to the the public,i would like a price list of everything you sell please.

    • Farmer Angus Reply



      none of the above need cold chain

      We do have other beef products but for these you will need a cold chain


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  36. lourensa Reply

    I URGENTLY NEED TO ORDER AND BUY ANGUS STEAKS, WHO CAN I CONTACT IN THIS REGARD, it is for household purposes and I am from Pretoria

    • Farmer Angus Reply

      I don’t have Angus cattle. We don’t supply Pretoria either. Angus

  37. Andrew Jacobs Reply

    hi i am interested in buying you produce would you please be so kind and send me a price list as well as details of the person i need to contact

  38. shameema Reply

    Hey mr famer we’re in jozi r u based need a price list on ur burgers pls.. 0729734311 all ur products halaal..thx nd regards..

    • Farmer Angus Reply

      Hello Shameema

      We don’t supply our burgers to Joburg.

      Stay well


  39. travis Reply

    I would like to purchase your products. i live in Gordons Bay. Where would be the best place to go?

    Kind regards,


    • Farmer Angus Reply


      Some of our produce is available at the Spar in Main Road, Somerset West.


  40. Mischa Reply

    Hi there

    Is it possible to come and visit your farm?

    My husband and I have recently cut out meat and chicken from our diets for ethical reasons but I would like to look into and support humane, ethical and local suppliers.

    Many thanks

    • Farmer Angus Reply


      You are most welcome

      When do you want to visit?

  41. mehluko sikhakhane Reply

    Mr farm I need to sell n supply some small business with eggs and meat if poseble please help me am at gauteng joburg soweto . Is it poseble for you to help a young man like me please , 084 455 2427

    • Farmer Angus Reply


      Unfortunately we cannot supply you. Our stock is limited to existing clients.


  42. Dazy Reply

    Hi there , I would like to order so many eggs from your farm , will you currently delivering your customers or not . I would also like to know all your selling prices from dozen up to the box and as well as the prices of Biltong per box

  43. Sanet Reply

    How do I go about getting your pricelists

    And secondly do you delivery in the Eastern Cape

  44. Saskia Reply

    Hi Angus

    I would like to purchase your items as I’ve had to change my foodstuffs for medical reasons. I’m based in the Tableview area could you provide me info on where to go or how I can purchase from you direct?

  45. Mark Reply

    Good day

    I would like to enquire about your steaks (Rump/Sirloin/Porterhouse). I’ve read and understand your disclaimer regarding steak going to Spier. Does the Spar on main road Somerset West stock your steak? If not, is there a way to get steak from you, if available? How much does it cost if available? Again, I completely understand your obligation to rental agreement with Spier, if push comes to shove, I’ll just have to go there and try it :).

  46. Jessica Reply


    would really like to purchase the bone broth. I live in Centurion (Pretoria). any supplier around here or could you courier?

  47. Ulli von Versen Reply

    I stay in Edgemead. Where in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town can we buy your products.?

  48. Robyn Anderson Reply

    Good morning

    I purchase your bone broth from Organic Zone in Lakeside – absolutely LOVE it. I drink it daily, and have found a couple times that they are out of stock. They also only sell the glass jars, so I am generating quite a bit of recycling.

    I would like to order in bulk if possible, in the plastic packaging. Would it be possible to get it delivered to Organic Zone as part of their order? Should I rather ask them to order on my behalf?

    Kind regards

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  50. Joseph Reply

    Hi l need to start a small business of saling fresh eggs can you please contact me or email me your egg price list. Thank you.

  51. Kayleigh Sole Reply

    Hi there. I am desperately looking for organic products. I have just moved to Cape Town from Pietermaritzburg and would love to buy some products from you. Please can you send me price list and how I can collect or if you deliver.
    Many thanks

  52. martina Reply

    Hi. I am desperately looking to buy grass beef BONES.
    could you please advise if you sell bones per kg as well? Thank you

  53. Lydia Reply

    Hi there I would like to order some some products can I get price list, I’m in Free state

  54. aretha Reply

    can you please send me your price list,i’d like to buy 30s of your eggs in bulk.

  55. Nokuthula Dlamini Reply

    Where can I get your products in kzn please.

  56. louis Reply

    I supply quail eggs and want to transport to the Cape, please can you help me with a courier that will transport eggs



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