Pasture Reared Beef

Elaboration on selling illegal grass fed/pasture reared/free range beef.

Dear Reader.

A lot of butcheries are making claims that their beef is all of the above. The Agricultural Product Standards Act 1990 (click on the green, twice, to download the Act) states very simply that you cannot make any claim which directly or by implication creates or may create the impression that meat or a carcass is of a special or particular quality other than a characteristic referred to in these regulations, may not be marked on the container of meat or stamped on a carcass.

The relevant sections of the Act are 3 and 19.

Our global warming reversing beef does not fall foul of these regulations as we have trademarked our protocols with SAMIC, the Red Meat Industry policemen, and accordingly our beef is rollermarked as per the photo below. Our rollermark is SPIERPR for Spier Pasture Reared. Our protocols are on the SAMIC website.

(The ox above was  Limousin/Angus cross. A blog will follow soon on the benefits of the Limousin, primarily in terms of dressing out %. Also it’s double muscling or profit gene.)

Have you seen the rollermark on your so called free range/grass fed/pasture reared beef? Can you trace that beef to the farm where it was raised? If it is not rollermarked with a SAMIC registered mark then it could come from your friendly local feedlot.

I also have a second trademark registered. It is called Cape Veld Beef. More information on recent activity on this label is here.

We have our own butchery on the farm now. Details about available produce is here. You can also click on BUY MEAT at the top of the page.

Stay well



Update on our CLA in beef trial.

Dear Reader.

We are still in the first year of a trial that started two years ago. Let me explain.  When we started our CLA trial (details about it are here, click on this green writing) two years ago we expected to slaughter all the oxen within the first year of the trial. This proved true for the English breeds but we still have some Simmentaler and some Simbra oxen taking their time to get fat. ( We slaughtered one this week and were rewarded with a 342kg carcass.)

We have slaughtered almost all the Angus, Hereford and Sussex from the second year.

We have not submitted any of the samples to the Medical Research Council as we have to wait for all the animals to be slaughtered so that the samples can be properly compared.

What is clear is that the Simmentaler breed society claims about their CLA could be true but this is likely to be as a result of the age of the animal, not the breed.

Our beef is now being butchered on the farm and some of it is available for sale. Read here.

Whilst this trial is taking place our beef are sequestering Carbon every day. Read here.

I do think that by winter we should have the results.


My first proper day of butchering our own cattle on our own farm

Hello dear reader.

I am struggling more than normal to type as my arms and hands hurt in a manner they have not hurt before.

Spencer Nicholls is a tough task master. He has been butchering for 50 years. One is supposed to be slowing down after doing something for that long, however Spencer was a ball of enthusiasm, precision on the bandsaw and sharp knives all day long.

In fact the picture below was taken as he was finishing taking apart his last hindquarter of the morning. He did 4 in 20 minutes!!!!

At this stage our meat is only available on the Spier Wine Farm. We are starting small but properly. Spier are taking the entire carcass which Spencer butchers and packs according to their instructions.

This is one of the filet’s. Note the yellow fat which indicates grass fed beef goodness. We are hanging the carcasses for 28 days before butchering.

The rump actually consists of three muscles. They cook differently and the muscular structure is different. That is why rump is a hit and miss dish, however not the rump you can eat at Spier from Wednesday this week. This is because Spencer has separated the rump into it’s three constituents and so each will be cooked according to it’s requirements. The knives below point to each of the three parts.

Happy eating at Spier


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