The amazing, community building Sisonke Circus is presenting a new show

Attending a Sisonke performance always leaves me feeling inspired about the potential of the people we have in this country. It is the perfect antidote to the disappointment brought about by living under a  government that cares nothing for it’s people and the environment.

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Watching these kids perform and understanding the years of work that have gone into developing their skills and now their community is wonderful.

Below this flyer for their show is some background to what Sisonke is. I have taken it from their marketing material.


Sisonke Social Circus was founded in 2011 when community members felt a need to integrate children of the diverse communities in and around Stellenbosch and the Boland area. “Sisonke” is an isiXhosa word meaning “we are together” and exemplifies the mission of this exciting initiative. Circus is a wonderful tool in social development and integration where children and youth are able to transcend racial, socio-economic and gender differences in a safe (though challenging) environment. Not only are the above mentioned stigmas and barriers broken down; young people also learn to work and play together, trust one another, take responsibility and accountability for each other’s safety and well-being, develop leadership skills and self-confidence as well as many other valuable life skills. This is all achieved through learning and performing circus disciplines such as juggling, unicycle, acrobatics, human pyramids, trapeze, trampoline, dance and much more. Sisonke offers the program free of charge for all the participants, no matter their background.


24 February 2016

We now sell produce twice a week from our farm office.

As of next week, the 9th of Feb 2016, you can buy a range of our produce at our farm office between 12 and 2pm. Orders must be greater than R600. Once the order has been placed we will email you the invoice and once we have received the money you are welcome to collect. Collection is only on Tuesday and Thursday at the aforementioned times.

You can buy beef, eggs, straw wine, books, pets mince, bone broth and t-shirts. Prices below. We are selling at Recommended Retail Price as we have no interest in undercutting our retail clients. The meat, bone broth and eggs you can buy from our retail clients but the books, straw wine and t-shirts only from the farm.




Above is the part of our farm office where you can collect the various goods on offer.

The t-shirts are made with organic cotton (non organic cotton uses 4% of the world’s agricultural land but 24% of the worlds pesticides) and hemp and from these great guys at Hemporium. I managed to get our children to model these t-shirts. There are ladies and gents in a variety of sizes in both labels.


There are 5 books for sale.

  1. The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. This was the book I read in June of 2008 and decided to farm like Joel Salatin. It goes into the world’s food systems and considering eating is an agricultural act we all need to know what happens before we put the food into our mouth.
  2. BioDynamic Wine Demystified by Nicolas Joly. Nicolas Joly is the foremost proselytiser of the BioDynamic farming method. This book is a great introduction to this farming system inspired by Rudolf Steiner. If you are content with the dominant, reductionist, so called scientific dogma that everyone seems to worship today then this book is not for you.
  3. Nourishing Broth by Sally Fallon. Sally Fallon runs the Weston A Price foundation. At another time I would like to elaborate on Price’s work but his 10 year travel around the world remains the greatest dietary study ever done. This books inspired our bone broth.
  4. BioDynamic Gardening by Monty Waldin. The erudite Monty Waldin not only has green fingers as is evident from this incredibly informative book, he is a wine master and also has a knack for putting the complexity of BioDynamics into 5 simple reasons why it should be embraced.
  5. New BioDynamic preparations by Hugo Erbe. If you want to take your BioDynamic practices further then this is the book for you. Picture below with the polymath Erbe on the cover.


Dumisani, who runs our tree team where we have planted 15,500 trees into our shelter belts, is holding up Monty Waldin’s book. Specifically the page where the instructions of how to make the CPP or barrel compost are given in the clear, methodical manner that is the hallmark of this fine book.


Bone broth is either available in glass or BPA free plastic. Please specify.




Above is out butchery team holding up the pets mince made from the red offal of our cattle. Details here. It sells for R24.63 per pack of 500 grams.

Prices are as follows

Eggs – Dozen – Medium 41.30
Eggs – Dozen – Mixed sizes 43.72
Farmer Angus’ Bone Broth 1L 65.00
Farmer Angus’ Mince 500g 45.14
Farmer Angus’ 100g Pattie Packs 39.40
Farmer Angus’ Boerewors 500g 52.53
Farmer Angus’ 200 gr patty pack 78.80
Farmer Angus’ Biltong 150g 55.84
Farmer Angus’ Droëwors 200g 56.16
T-Shirts 220.00
Straw Wine 205.20
BioDynamic Gardening 360.00
Nourishing Broth 445.00
The Omnivore’s Dilemma 360.00
Hugo Erbe’s New BD preparations 400.00
BioDynamic wine demystified 360.00


Please email your orders here.


8 February 2016


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