Our bone broth. Upgraded and now available.


Bone broth is an ancient elixir. It has been linked to curing infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, digestive problems and many other chronic ailments.

Ours is made as per the recipe in the book photographed below. It is made with RAINWATER  (unlike tap water which is chlorinated and has loads of chemicals added to it), our GRASS FED BEEF BONES (grass fed beef is nutritionally and environmentally beneficial as opposed to confinement/grain fed beef), ORGANIC VEGETABLES (conventional vegetables are the ultimate cheap food at a high cost example. Read this to understand how many pesticides you are ingesting with your conventional fruit and vegetables), NON IRRADIATED HERBS AND SPICES (ask the people in Fukushima how they feel about being radiated and then understand that most of the dried herbs and spices are nuked before being ingested by you), VINEGAR (we use only Rozendal’s incredible vinegar in all our products, especially biltong) and last but not least LOVE (preparing food in love as opposed to violence is discussed in this blog posting). No SALT is added.

nourishing broth

You can order this book at Exclusive Books locally or on Amazon globally. It is published by the amazing folk behind the Weston A Price foundation which is the source of knowledge about ancestral diets. If your Banting or Paleo expert does not know who Weston A Price was then think very carefully about following their advice.

empty oil jacket cooker

We prepare the broth in this oil jacket cooker which is the most energy efficient way, gives us the necessary scale and finally control over the cooking process.

oil jacket filled pre bubble

After the long soak in water and vinegar we heat to just below boiling, add the rest of the ingredients and then let it simmer very very gently for anything between 24 and 36 hours. We have just added the vegetables and the yellow colouring is from turmeric.

finished product

Once it has cooled we bottle in glass bottles (no risk of BPA Bisphenol and other chemicals in plastic bottles) and then freeze. It is currently labelled as above but our graphic design wizards at Aisle B are working on the new label.


Once defrosted you will see how gelatinous it is. This is key as you will learn in the book referred to above. Drink it heated up or use as a base for stews, risottos etc.

We have suggested to our retail clients to sell you the bottles at R65 per litre. This compares to the R66 per litre for beef stock at the great green retailer. Their stock consists of beef paste, caramel colouring, beef flavouring, SUGAR, stabilisers etc etc.

bay tree

The bay tree above supplies the leaves that go into our broth. It grows in our BioDynamic home garden. We transplanted it from my parent’s farm in KZN when they capitulated to government. The farms are now part of 120,000 hectares of economically sterile land.

You are welcome to come and visit us on the farm anytime. We also have an outdoor (not free range) laying hen operation. Click here for more on our hens and their Eggmobiles.


7 August 2015

Bacteria:Friend or Foe?


In March 2015 we presented our first As We Eat seminar.

I am lucky enough to be part of the group presenting these seminars. The other three have wonderful life stories and are in the business of helping humans become healthier through mostly non conventional methods which means there is lasting change.

The second seminar takes place on the 29th of August in the Spier Wine Farm conferencing centre outside Stellenbosch.

Not only will you get to learn about our trillions of friends, or foes, you will be fed real food.

My talk is about soil bacteria (there are more microorganisms in a handful of healthy soil than there are humans on earth and most of them are bacteria) as well as Glyphosate. Glyphosate is ingested by every South African reader of this blog every day. It is a carcinogen, a chelator of micro nutrients and is a very powerful antibiotic.

To book and learn more about the other presenters please click on the link above or here.

See you there.


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