This video explains exactly how our cattle heal the earth.


Another unedited GoPro. This time also hand held. Filmed by me last Sunday on the winter solstice. My reference to healing the earth is simple. This method of beef production takes Carbon out of the atmosphere and stores it in the soil. This is in direct contrast to conventional, grain fed, confinement beef which emits Carbon every step of it’s sordid way. As a bonus eating grass fed beef results in you getting your Omega 3 and 6 into you in balance whereas the grain fed/confinement version gives you an Omega 6 overload resulting in free inflammatory diseases

The process described above results in Carbon sequestration which means we generate Carbon credits and they are available for purchase. Click here.

The last thing I wanted to say was that all grain fed beef contains Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the most widely used chemical on earth. Here is a video that is bound to make you vegetarian if you are in the 99.99% of the South African population that eats grain fed/confinement beef.

It is called Why Are We Being Fed By a Poison Expert? Don’t ask anyone in the South African government as they approved the sale of GMO crops whilst their African brethren refused.


29 June 2015


Today, in the rain, I went out on the farm with my GoPro…

Ours is one of only two outdoor laying hen operations in the country, on a commercial scale. The so called free range hens did not even know it was raining today as not one of them would have been allowed out of the barn in which they live and lay their eggs.

Of course their sisters in the cages (24 out of 25 million laying hens in this country) did not know it was raining either.

My hens had their first taste of winter today.  See the video below.

Like the other GoPro videos (on this site and the Vimeo one) this one is unedited. I apologise for not cleaning the smear off the screen first so please try to look past it.

If you want to know more about what an Eggmobile is then please click here and if you are interested in the consumer fraud known as free range eggs then click here. Perhaps consumer fraud is too strong a term so lets rather say that the national retailers and egg industry are mislabelling the barn raised eggs.

You are welcome to come and visit the farm anytime to see the hens and the global warming reversing cattle.


2 June 2015.




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