Winter solstice 2016 video. Multispecies pastures on Spier Wine Farm, Stellenbosch

It has now become a habit to film in our pastures on the solstice. Last winter was here and the summer 2015 solstice was here.

I held the camera too far away from my mouth at the beginning of the video, so the sound is too quiet. This is soon remedied, after 12 seconds.

The free choice mineral lick I am referring to is discussed in more detail here.

The egg grading con is discussed here.

All the information on our Eggmobiles is here.

Apologies for the tardiness in getting this video out, technical issues.

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15 July 2016




Videos from the grass fed butchery. Lots of Limousin. Some Zulu and super powers.

I am not trying to be smart with that title but if you watch both of these videos you will understand the title. You might not understand what I am saying in the first video so further down the page I mention the three salient points about the Limousin beef which I debone.

The second video (only 13 seconds) is about what is behind every butcher. The big national supermarkets will have you believe, like the fraud of free range eggs where the hens apparently roam on pasture, that behind every butcher is a farmer whereas the sad reality is that for 99% of butchers behind them is a factory manager. Confinement farming operations, which you are banned from visiting on the spurious grounds of biosecurity, are tough places to experience. They stink because of the build up of manure. It matters not whether you go and see cattle, sheep, pigs, laying hens or broiler chickens the listlessness and vacant stares of the animals is unforgettable. Cattle are on a diet that violates their digestive system. 90% of the antibiotics issued in this country go into these supermarket supported factories. Animal manure which has the central role in regenerative agriculture builds up and eventually pollutes the waterways and ensure that you breathe in faecal dust.

All the animal protein needed in this country could be produced off multi species pastures with the biggest area being the sugarcane fields of KZN and Mpumalanga. Imagine no sugar and how that would lead us from being the third most obese country in the world to one of the healthiest. Our meat would also have the Omega 3’s and 6’s in balance and as long as the animals are managed in the Alan Savory inspired high density grazing method we would be sequestering gigatons of Carbon. Here is is how our tiny operation sequesters Carbon. More on how organics can feed the world is here.

If all this beef chat bores you then skip toward the end of the first video where the talking stops.

First the Limousin is the best bull to use for increasing your profitability. Put another way if you keep your expense the same by keeping your cow (who is adapted to your farm) you will increase your income if her calf was sired by a Limousin bull because the calf will be heavier, at weaning, than if sired by a bull of another breed. 85% of Limousin’s have a genetic mutation that causes double the number of muscle fibres. This enables a small calf at birth but a muscled one at weaning time.

Second, I am deboning a forequarter (weighing 105kgs) of a 400kg carcass. Normal confinement/grainfed/feedlot beef carcasses weigh around 250kgs. Limousin is a slow maturing breed which means they take a long time to get fat, but because they have the muscle this does not matter as in the butchery it takes equally long to debone a 250kg or 400kg carcass so your income is obviously greater. Also by the time the Limousin is fat on grass it is 3 to 4 years old which ensures flavour. The confinement beef is less than 12 months old which is why basting of the burgers and all the steak sauces are so important because the beef has no flavour, except that of maize/antibiotics/growth hormones/asthma drugs that it was raised on.

Third the Limousin has the highest dressing out % of any of the beef breeds. % of carcass as that of live weight. This is the most important metric for me, the farmer/butcher. Same effort for more meat.

In my case having an animal on the farm for a long time is no problem as my production costs are very low. The sun grows my cattle feed for free, the sun powers the electric fence behind which they are moved twice a day and I have one labourer for 350 cattle. Compare this to the cost of urea, maize, antibiotics, enzymes, anti acid medication, asthma drugs etc etc

Like all the other videos, this one is unedited and the filming was done by Mbhekiseni who is being trained up to be Spencer’s right hand.


21 June 2016

Milk products. After many years of searching, I have finally found the source. A2 and pure grass fed!!!

Being on the holistic ballistic end of the farming spectrum has many advantages. One being that I often hear about other farmers practicing regenerative agriculture. I thought that being in this position I would have found a source of A2 milk products, free from Glyphosate, from cows on a pure grass fed diet quite easily. It was not the case. Only last week did I hear about Jaco from The Dairy. Click here to email him. He has said he is fine with his cell phone number (082 862 9414) being on this blog posting.


Above is the spread of all of Jaco’s products. Each one is fabulous. He does not make any hard cheeses yet. For this we buy the wondrous goat milk cheeses from Marianne and Jan of Foxenburg in Wellington.

Before showing you the photos of the cows I need to explain that Jaco makes all the dairy products but he is not the farmer. The farmer is Thys Swart and he farms with A2 Fleckveih cows. In addition to all the benefits of raw, grass fed milk these cows have significantly higher CLA in their milk than any other dairy breed. You will not find better dairy in this country.

If you want your cows tested for the A1/A2 genes then email Leigh-Anne here.

A bit more reading is required before the photos. it is one of my monthly columns for Longevity magazine.

Milk, the good and the bad.

To contextualise the good, which is what this column is going to be about, we need to spend some time understanding the bad.

Bad milk, like bad beef, bad pork, bad lamb and bad chicken all comes from confinement farming where the status quo is antibiotics, growth hormones and confined animals standing on top of their own excrement.

Most milk you buy is bad. There are many reasons for this. First and foremost the milk comes from cows that are worked so hard that their average lactation is 2.1 years. What this means is that they can only give milk for 2.1 times before they are slaughtered. This is from an animal that can give you 12 lactations with ease.

Second, the milk is homogenised. This means you cannot see the layer of cream on the top that would normally be there. The milk is very vigorously shaken which breaks the fat and protein molecules and forms a new one that the body cannot recognise. One of the reasons for so called lactose intolerance.

Third, because of the way the milk is produced it must be pastuerised. This of course kills all good bacteria too. Our gut needs good bacteria.

Fourth, don’t be fooled by conventional yoghurt. It is made from reconstituted MCP (milk protein concentrate) so it is not a whole food. In addition a lot of sugar is added.

Fifth, it is very likely that the milk sold in shops is A1. More on this protein that is linked to illnesses ranging from autism to diabetes is discussed below.

Now lets focus on what constitutes good milk.

First, the dairy cows are grass fed at all times. These animals are herbivores, which means that when you feed them grain their digestive system is violated. Feeding grain creates an acidic environment in the cow and of course you have to medicate her heavily and then you have to treat her milk as a sick cow will give sick milk.

Second, the milk must come from A2 cows. In fact they must be A2/A2 which means both parents are A2. When digested, milk from A1 cows, releases an opioid called BCM7 which is linked to the illnesses referred to above as well as schizophrenia To understand more about the A1 and A2 beta casein protein click here and here.

Third, the milk must not be pasteurised or homogenised. It is also very important to drink more of the fermented dairy products such as kefir or yoghurt.

Raw milk (not homogenised or pastuerised) from grass fed cows as opposed to the shop bought grain fed version is medicine. The Mayo Clinic in the US has treated over 19,000 patients with raw milk.

The land of milk and honey was called that for a reason.

Thanks for reading and please support Jaco and Thys.


5 June 2016




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